Isabelle Geffroy, known by the pseudonym ZAZ, is best known for her beautiful blend of jazz, soul and acoustic sounds, being associated with the legendary artists of Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf. Since beginning her career in 2010, ZAZ has gained notoriety with the song ‘Je Veux’, which in turn received numerous awards, including a prestigious French and German Grammy. Since then, the multi-talented singer has sold more than 4 million recordsbecross the glode, where her new album ‘Effect Miroir’ was released in November 2018.

ZAZ – Singer and Citizen of the World

Full of hope, energy and passion, the colour of each instrument and sincerity of every word is not only a reflection on ZAZ’s life but also an expression of her social commitment. Over the past few years, ZAZ’s vision of the world has been profoundly affected by her journeys and experiences worldwide, where she has sought to find her own path without judgement. The album expresses her hopes and fears, where the songs were chosen in response to her need for honesty, humanity and transparency, through every moment in life.

ZAZ has captured the emotions and awakened the heart of other highly-acclaimed artists and musicians, including Plácido Domingo, Martin Scorsese, Quincy Jones and the late Charles Aznavour. Recorded in France and Canada, the new album is comprised of a combination of musical offerings, where pop, salsa, rock South American guitars have been influences. Her sensual new single, ‘It Will Come’ has already been marked as a success, with over twenty million views on YouTube.


As a singer and citizen of the world, which audience do you feel most comfortable in front of?

In France, I have the impression that they put me in a box and I have found it difficult to develop my image in France. It doesn’t hurt me, but I do think that it is a shame. This is how it is and it is something that I cannot change. For me, it is easier to perform at concerts in other parts of the world.

In your song ‘What Will Come’, you say to trust in what will come. Is that your philosophy?

Stop imagining, or projecting yourself on beautiful things in the hope that they will do you good. And, at the same time, whatever happens, will happen. Life gives you experiences and tests that we can learn from. These experiences give us skills to improve and teach us to not make the same mistakes again.

Which encounter has impacted you the most?

In Argentina, as part of an initiative from doctors, I visited homes known as ‘villas miserias’, the equivalent of Brazilian favelas. I met many disadvantaged children who were abandoned by their fate. One of them told me, “I do not know if they are going to kill me today, or if I’m going to have to kill instead”. I cried with emotion, but also, because I felt a painful feeling of not being able to help.

You are very committed on a humanitarian and social level. What impact are you trying to make?

Yes, it is something that I carry out everyday. I am very involved as it is my nature. I want to use the tools that I have, such as my celebrity status, to be able to make a change and help. It makes me feel good to get involved and I have been able to meet people from all over the world, which is very encouraging. When I go to local charities, I realise that there are many people doing very good things in the world.

Tell us about the duet that you recorded with Till Lindemann of Rammstein…

During a concert in Germany, his make-up artist told me that he liked my songs. During Rammstein’s last concert in Paris, he invited me and my pianist to his dressing room.

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