The Look Mallorca’s website is a guide to the finest restaurants and bars, accommodation, fashion, art, activities and other interesting topics offering our readers a focused and exclusive vision of Spain. Would you like to advertise on our website but are concerned about our website traffic? We have created this article for you with interesting facts about our website’s visits, target audience, content and advertising options.

Learn more about Website Traffic

Both website traffic and quality content are highly important and contribute to a website’s success. However, many marketers seem to obsess over their website visits to the neglect of quality content. While we don’t communicate the number of our visits because our website traffic is still increasing each day we strongly focus on creating compelling content that ensures a great quality of visits. Why? Because the best way to draw visitors to your website is to produce high-quality content. Websites are all about communication. And how well we communicate with our audience depends primarily on whether what we offer our visitors is appealing to them.

Here are two good reasons why high traffic is a misleading measure of a website’s success.

  • Website traffic does not indicate how successful a website is but it’s primarily a vanity benchmark. Many people enjoy chatting about big numbers. However, only focusing on high traffic is misleading because it’s an empty number that doesn’t define the type of audience engagement.
  • High website traffic draws in most cases an undefined audience. Reaching a too broad, unqualified audience is contraproductive. Many times, sheer traffic produces visitors who have no interest in the website’s content. In fact, the only good traffic is targeted traffic that attracts individuals who are interested in reading the website’s articles or in purchasing a product or service.

The Importance of Targeting

At Look Mallorca we concentrate on our target audience rather than reaching masses. We engage with both local and international readers who share a passion for Spain and luxury lifestyle. Only very few magazines offer high-quality articles on a stylish and elegant website like Look Magazine’s. So why do we exclusively focus on our target audience?

1. Audience Engagement is more valuable than Website Traffic

People who are randomly visiting a website, usually aren’t spending much time on it and aren’t engaging much with the content by reading, commenting or sharing articles. In this case, website traffic doesn’t help your business much. What’s more important is that visitors engage with the content and thus help your business get recognised and recommend it to family and friends. A target audience doesn’t just view a website but engages with the content because they trust and enjoy the brand.

2. A Target Audience is loyal

And a loyal audience, is likely to share content, comment on posts and thus spread your brand’s message. At the end of all our posts we have placed share buttons to make it easy for our audience to share content with friends and family. When sharing our content, our web visitors spread brand awareness and increase our loyal audience. Because when someone hears from a friend that your brand is awesome, they trust their friend and believe it.

3. Loyal Visitors stick around longer

Many of our website visitors don’t only view one article and then leave. Instead, when reading our posts another one catches their attention so they read it as well. The fact that readers are browsing our website increases the chance that your content will also be discovered and read. Thanks to our engaging content our loyal audiences also spend more time on our website than users who have just found it via a search engine.

What we do for you

1. We create high-quality Content

Our content covers valuable and interesting topics related to our target audience’s interests, values and passions. Great quality content helps our visitors become intrigued and spend more time reading once they land on our website. Thanks to an elegant style and tone, tasteful design, well-researched and informative texts our website reaches a high number of sophisticated visitors on a daily basis. These visit our website to explore the latest trends in high-end lifestyle. This includes luxury accommodation, gastronomy recommendations, upmarket fashion, interior design, wellness and travel, environmental topics as well as personal stories of interesting individuals, businesses or initiatives. Intelligent and stylish, the Look Magazine website offers expert knowledge and inspiration with an international flair.

2. We target a determined Audience

We are aware that by targeting everyone, you eventually target no one. Determining a target audience is key to creating tailored web articles and effective communication. Attracting visitors who are interested in our topics as well as your product or service is a much better use of your time and money than trying to get your content on the most visited websites.

3. We select Keywords knowing our and your Audience

We are considerate of valuable and cautious keyword placement to optimise the quality of audiences visiting our website. And to ensure that users find our article about your company when searching for it on Google. Placing the correct keywords on our website helps us reach our and also your target audience that is far more likely to engage.

4. We offer unique Advertising Options

Besides online business directories containing all important information about your business we also create informative and compelling advertorials. These are tailored to the audience who is most likely to visit your company’s website, enquire your service, make a purchase or refer your business to a friend or family member. Let us help you create loyal customers.

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