Housed in the beautiful Cap Vermell Beach Hotel, Vintage 1934 serves signature Mediterranean cuisine with unrivalled views across the sea.

About Vintage 1934

Vintage 1934 Restaurant is a stunning venue belonging to the charming Cap Vermell Beach Hotel. Situated on the beach in Canyamel, the restaurant serves signature Mediterranean cuisine and prides itself on using fresh and local produce.

The premises enjoys two terraces overlooking the gorgeous sea making the perfect setting for a day soaking up the wonders of Mallorca. The name of the restaurant is a declaration to the founding year of the first hostel that came into being to serve its guests.

Vintage 1934 Cuisine 

The restaurant serves signature Mediterranean cuisine using creative recipes and healthy cooking made with fresh and in-season produce. The dishes created by the head chef Fernando Palomino, change with each season to delight the senses of its diners.

Vintage 1934 offers a specialised menu of fresh fish, the highest quality meat and a signature dish made with a lobster caught right next to the restaurant. Furthermore, the menu is perfectly complemented by an extensive and carefully curated wine list that includes several local wines with a wide range of cavas and champagnes.

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Unique Location

The Cap Vermell Beach Hotel is found in a coastal area of Mallorca that is enriched with history and culture. Its past is marked by the memory of the Miguel Garau family, who were entrusted with taking care of the d’en Massot watchtower, built at Cap Vermell in 1577.

In 1906, a descendant of the family decided to move their home from Artà to Canyamel in a small house in Es Pins de des Vegues. It was there that the idea was borne to provide meals for visitors to the caves – evolving into a small restaurant in 1934 called ‘Restaurante Cuevas’.

Nearly 20 years later, the restaurant expanded to include a hostel that today stands as Cap Vermell Beach Hotel. The name of its restaurant, Vintage 1934, pays homage to the founding year that the first hostel that was borne.

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Cap Vermell Group

The restaurant and hotel belongs to the Cap Vermell Group, a business specialising in the tourism and service sector and synonymous with wellbeing. Along with the restaurant, the group also owns one of the most prestigious hotel chain resorts in Spain, Park Hyatt Mallorca.

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