Founded by the health food advocate Beverley Pugh in 2016, Vegan & Raw Palma offers plant based loving food with the highest nutritional value.

About Vegan & Raw Palma

Vegan & Raw is a wonderful health food eatery situated in Palma. Serving vegan and raw food, their menu is designed to awaken your curiosity to a new way of nourishing you body, that is more intelligent and respectful towards the environment.

The choice and production of their food is based on a strong philosophy of ‘plant based loving food’ that is abundant in vegetables, nuts, sprouted seeds, cold pressing juices and green smoothies.

Vegan & Raw Palma Cuisine 

Their daily menu is perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit while working hard in constant changing environment. As well as a lovely selection of starters, the restaurant has fantastic mains and tempting desserts.

In addition, they also can bring your choice of freshly prepared plates to your home or work, so that you can enjoy healthy food in any circumstance.

At Vegan & Raw you will become more aware of nutrition that will open your eyes and body to where your nutrition is laking. Here, you can enjoy a variety of food and drink that are guaranteed for their freshness and health.

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