The answer is without question LoVegano, the first vegan supermarket in Mallorca. Situated in the heart of Palma, the store sells a wide variety of 100% vegan products, including biological and gluten-free foods as well as a broad catalogue of cosmetics, books and lifestyle products.

Best Vegan Food in Mallorca

Located near to the renowned and lively market of the Santa Catalina neighbourhood in Palma, LoVegana have successfully brought people closer to the vegan diet and lifestyle, facilitating the acquisition of the respective products and showing the richness and diversity of the vegan world. Founded by the health food advocates of Sarah and Patrick Schell, their objective is simple but beautifully clear – to inform, advise and do their bit to make the world a more peaceful and attractive place.

LoVegano offers a wide selection of products, which are everything your vegan heart could wish for. In addition to classics such as vegetable drinks and tofu, the supermarket has a great choice of superfoods, frozen products and vegetable based cosmetics. Its biological and gluten-free foods are renewed each week, adding to a whopping 2000 products in a total area of ​​150 metres square foot – meaning that you get an amazing variety in every shop!

Opening its doors in April 2015, LoVegana brilliantly sources specialised products that are designed for the needs of those who follow the vegan culture in favour of animal care. As well as delicious food and beverages, you can find cruelty free personal care products, books, utensils, clothing and shoes.

Veganism in Mallorca

In 2015, The Vegan Society awarded Mallorca as the number one vegan destination worldwide – a recognition that was formed by tremendous vegan dining experiences that can be found in the island’s capital city . The members of the world society were invited by the Vegan Association in Mallorca, who savoured the rapidly growing vegan scene on the island.

“Mallorca is now one of the leading vegan destinations of the world!”

Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of the Vegan Society UK

As well as eateries such as Ziva to Go and Vegan & Raw, one of the most outstanding vegan eateries on the island is Bon Lloc Restaurant, which was founded in 1978 and was the first vegan restaurant on the island. The beautiful restaurant is committed to vegan food, elaborating dishes with creativity, passion and flavour, without compromising on using products of animal origin.

In addition, you will also find a fantastic array of delightful restaurants and cafes that offer great vegan options on their menus, so that you will never be stuck when eating out with your family or friends.

Why go vegan?

Over the last years, the vegan culture has seen a worldwide boom, with those favouring a lifestyle that respects animals, the environment and health. Ask almost any vegan and they will tell you that their only regret about making this change, is not doing it earlier. These days, people prefer to eat a diet that is rich in vegetables, leaving aside meats and animal based products.  

Mallorca has been one of the driving forces of the vegan culture in Spain, thanks to its wealth of dining options throughout the island. Its capital city of Palma de Mallorca, provides an outstanding offering of vegan options, with various groups supporting the lifestyle trend. This includes the ‘Vegetarians and Vegans of Mallorca‘ which is comprised by a few thousand members who organise collections and activities in aid of the care and protection of animals.

Reasons to go vegan:

  • Good for animals – A vegan diet does not cost any animal life.
  • Good for your health – A vegan diet protects you from numerous diseases.
  • Good for the environment – A vegan diet reduces your ecological footprint.

Visit LoVegana

Address: C / Caro, 34, 07013 Palma de Mallorca

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 10:00-14:00 & 16:00 -20:30 / Wednesday: 16:00 -20.30 / Saturday: 10:00-16:00

Telephone: +34 971 72 51 75


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