A great shoe is the key element of any outfit and no one knows that better than Ursula Mascaró. She designs exclusive footwear that is worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie. The founder and ambassador of the internationally known Balearic shoe brands Pretty Ballerinas and Ursula Mascaró is part of a family business that is famous for its fashionable high-quality footwear for every day.

About the Menorquin Entrepreneur

Ursula lives in Es Castell on the beautiful island of Menorca where she was born. „It’s my home sweet home. I love the smell and sound of the sea, the beach, the smell of Menorca after a storm, the spring light and culinary traditions.“ She adores all Balearic Islands and also visits Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera regularly.

The Menorquin entrepreneur grew up in a family passionate about footwear but has gone her own way before joining the family business. She has lived in London, studied interior design at the Istituto Europeo di Design and also fashion in Milan. Her education has even taken her to New York where she took classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a young student Ursula created her own shoe brand to earn some money and fell in love with her work right away. Since then she dedicates her professional life to the design of footwear. Ursula is now a successful entrepreneur, the founder of the world-famous brand Pretty Ballerinas and designer of her own footwear brand Ursula Mascaró.

Ursula Mascaró Shoes

For her own designs she loves playing with colours and texture, sexy and exclusive details. What she loves most about her job? „It’s exciting season after season. And it’s creative, you never get bored.“ In Ursula’s opinion the world of fashion and design is very fascinating. „Fashion is all about creating dreams, fantasies. It’s all beauty, just pure love.“ She finds inspiration in pretty much everything but mostly in travelling around the world to South Africa, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Madrid.

The beautiful shoes Ursula creates are not just decór but are made to be worn every day putting the customer’s wellbeing first. All products are made with the best materials to offer clients the greatest style, quality and comfort. Her brand is currently working on a new model of sneakers, an exciting project for Ursula.

The famous Mascaró Footwear

What makes the Mascaró footwear so unique and successful is that it’s still designed and hand-crafted in the Menorquin town Ferrerías where the company was founded in 1918. The founders, Ursula’s ancestors, originally created ballet shoes while the second generation started manufacturing upscale footwear and opening first shops. The passion for footwear was passed to the third generation. Ursula joined the family business and made the Mascaró brand internationally successful while remaining true to its roots. The group has currently about 90 shops worldwide, some of them in Mallorca. „Our tradition started 100 years ago with my grandfather Pedro, so it’s an old family tradition to make shoes. We are still a family business, working with cousins and neighbours“, says Ursula. The company celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year!

The Mascaró Group now owns four high-end fashion brands including Ursula’s own brand. The star brand and favourite of international celebrities is Pretty Ballerinas which Ursula has founded with her ex-husband David Bell.  World-known personalities such as Queen Letizia, Katie Holmes, Claudia Schiffer, Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss wear the famous ballerina flats, the original Mascaró product.

Face of the new Summer Collection

Ursula didn’t expect that the Mascaró shoes made in the Mediterranean would have such great global success. „I’m so thankful for that. I love to see all the celebrities wearing our shoes, it’s such a satisfaction“. One of them is Olivia Palermo, an American entrepeneur, influencer and for many a fashion icon. She has been a loyal client of Pretty Ballerinas for years. Her great love for the beautiful flats has made her the face of the latest summer collection. „Being such a great client we thought why go and find someone else when Olivia already loves our pretty ballerinas. It was so natural, it all came easy“, explains Ursula.

A hard-working Power Woman

The power woman who describes herself as „feminine, daring and happy“ admits that it can be quite hard to combine her professional with her personal life but she seems to have found a great balance. „Sometimes I’m more of a mummy or a good friend, other times I’m more of a designer. A bit of everthing.“ What really motivates Ursula to work are her kids who she loves more than anything else. In her free time Ursula disconnects by practicing yoga, playing paddle tennis, taking long walks or enjoying a glass of good wine once in a while. Just like any other hard-working woman but always with pretty shoes on her feet.

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