The Balearic gastronomy offers a selection of fast, fresh and healthy dishes to fill any menu with flavor and character. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera treasure a great diversity of exquisite top quality products linked to the land and its roots. Each product has its own identity based on the authenticity, quality and tradition of each island. We present you four typical Balearic dishes, one for each island, that are easy to prepare and a true delicacy.

Balearic Cuisine

Rich, varied and with a lot of flavor. This is the culinary culture of the Balearic archipelago. Many unique flavors characteristic of each island and native products linked to land and sea. Balearic cuisine is above all authenticity, quality and tradition. These attributes translate into a unique, authentic and memorable taste for lovers of good gastronomy. A great attraction to discover on the Balearic Islands.

Typical Balearic Dishes

The repertoire of delicious products that come every season from the fields and orchards of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera and offer an extraordinary Mediterranean flavour is abundant. These organic and locally sourced products can be used for simple, healthy and refreshing recipes that enrich the dishes of any menu.

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Typical Balearic Dishes

Trampó – Mallorcan Salad par excellence

The first of our four typical Balearic dishes comes from Mallorca. The ‘Trampó’ is a harmonious and refined blend of tomato, Mallorcan green pepper, Mallorcan onion, oil and salt. Its name comes from the Mallorcan term “trempar”, which means to dress. This fresh salad can well accompany any dish.

The recipe admits other ingredients, according to the taste of the diner, such as apples, capers, olives, potatoes, boiled beans and even legumes. But the most important thing is the quality of the basic ingredients. The peppers should be juicy and whitish green, and the Majorcan onion white and tender. All flavoured with the characteristic Mallorcan olive oil, an undisputed protagonist of Mallorcan dishes. On the other hand, the mixture is very important. A lot of tomato, little pepper and less onion.

The correct sequence for making a good Trampó is to add the ingredients in the following order: Tomato, green pepper, onion, salt and oil. And, especially, do not overdo the oil, but add the right amount so that the ingredients do not ‘swim’. In this way you will get the perfect ‘Trampó Mallorquín’.

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Oliaigua – Versatile Vegetable Soup from the Menorcan Countryside

On the island of Menorca they call it ‘Oliaigua’, a typical soup and the first sister of the traditional gazpacho, but slightly cooked. A very old recipe from the agricultural culture of Menorca that with few ingredients delights any diner. The ‘Oliaigua’ is a traditional dish made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, green pepper, oil, water and bread. Its name stems from the mixture of oil (‘oli’) and water (‘aigua’). Locals usually enjoy the soup with various garnishes (ideally seasonal). In summer they eat it cold and usually accompanied with figs or melon, a sweet and salty contrast that delights Minorcans and visitors alike.

Ensalada Payesa – The Star Dish of Formentera

This is one of the most representative typical Balearic dishes. A fresh salad that triumphs at any table both for its distinguished and intense flavor and for its simple preparation. Traditionally it is made with cooked potatoes and seasonal vegetables such as green pepper, red pepper, onion and tomatoes. You also need hard-boiled eggs as well as dry bread or ‘bescuit’ and dried fish (‘peix sec’).

The people of Formentera call dry bread ‘bescuit’. They bake the bread twice until it is completely dry. Break and moisten it a little before putting it in the salad. If you do not have ‘bescuit’ you can use bread from another day. The secret is that it is well roasted so that it is crispy.

The star ingredient of the payesa salad, the dried fish or ‘peix sec’, is a ray dried in the sun and preserved in oil. A local delicacy that is crossing the borders of the island. However, if you do not have this ingredient, you can substitute it with other fish. Use for example tuna, mackerel, desalted cod or anchovies.

Coca of roasted Red Peppers – A must of Ibizan Cuisine

You can perfectly cook this meal in the morning and enjoy it cold at any time of the day. It can be either a great accompaniment to any menu or a delicious snack. The dish is much more enjoyable if you roast its main ingredient, the peppers, on wood, because it gives them an unparalleled flavour and aroma. In the Mediterranean area, delicacies similar to the Ibizan coca of roasted peppers are common, such as the ‘coca de recapte’ in Catalonia, the Italian pizza or the ‘coca de trampó Mallorquina’.

This dish is so popular in Ibiza and beyond because of its simple elaboration and very intense flavour. When preparing the dough give it a quadrangular shape and add red peppers, typical Ibicenco fish and other local products you like.

Text and photos via Promotourist for Illes Balears

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