Harvest is over, the vineyards have already swapped their bright green summer dress for a more sober brown outfit and the vines are ready to finally get some well-deserved rest. And after a long winemaking process you will eventually be able to enjoy some top wines for the colder season.

Winemaking in Mallorca

Winemaking has a long tradition in Mallorca. There are numerous ‘bodegas’ that produce thousands of bottles of excellent wine each year. Their wine is popular all over the world, especially in Europe. Many tourists order or visit wineries to shop their preferred Mallorcan wine. But only few of them actually know how it’s made. The winemaking process takes a long time, professional facilities, expertise and a great dose of passion.

From Harvesting to Maturing

After the grapes have riped during the warmer months and the harvesting has finished, now the work has shifted to the winemaking facilities. Here, the smell and noise of the fermenting wines will keep the wine growers company whilst they work their magic.

Once the fermentation has finished, most of the wines are moved to barrels in cool underground cellars to complete their maturation. Resting in optimal conditions is essential for the wines to develop their aromas, flavours and body that will define their character and surely please us.

After a good “siesta” in the Mallorcan wine cellars a wide range of powerful and full-bodied whites and reds goes on the market. So why not try them with an excellent meal or chocolate to ease our way into the cold season?

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Top Wines for the colder Season

  • Blanco Barrica 2015 enjoy with hot fish stew
  • Obac 2014 enjoy with boar
  • Gallinas & Focas 2013 enjoy with a juicy steak
  • Ribas de Cabrera 2014 enjoy with dark chocolate

Written by Valerika Darasteanu of Lady Grape

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