With the arrival of summer it’s easy to picture yourself relaxing on the island with a great glass of wine. While there are many exquisite ones to choose from you should try a fresher bubble version this season! Here is a quick guide to the top sparkling Mallorcan wines.

Time to Relax

Imagine a restaurant on a nice beach, the sand between your toes, a gentle breeze, the sun, in one hand that “new” book you keep meaning to read and in the other a flute filled with delicious bubbles. Be honest, you have longed for this moment all winter and now it’s time for that chilled sparkling wine!

Top Sparkling Mallorcan Wines

Your holidays should be about enjoying the island. So keep the good mood going and try Mallorcan Brut Nature wines whenever the opportunity presents itself. Aperitif, brunch, lunch, happy hour… do we really have to keep going? Brut Veritas wines are a fantastic summer drink as well, you can also get them as a light rosé. The bubbles in the wine make it taste fresher and lighter, developing an unique aroma as you taste it. A welcoming alternative to the classic chilled white wine.

A handful of wineries all over Mallorca produce these wines from both local grape varieties such as Prensal Blanc and Mantonegro and the more common combination Parellada and Chardonnay. These grapes create very characterful wines to please a diverse audience. You won’t be disappointed, so get those flutes out and start pouring!

Written by Valerika of Lady Grape

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