From small, cozy coffeeshops where hipsters sip their lattes to elegant, traditional cafés that have been serving the best classics for many years – Mallorca’s capital has many attractive cafés to offer that will amaze you with their coffee art, sweet pastries and tasty food.

We are spoilt for choice in Palma when it comes to cafés. No matter what your taste, budget or dietary requirements, there is something for everyone here. Look Mallorca lets you in on a few of our faves!

Coffee Houses

Rosevelvet Bakery

Clean, cute and full of delicious options, the Rosevelvet has something for everyone. The menu options satisfy every type of eater, whether its avocado on toast, toasted sandwiches stuffed with goodness or burgers you crave. The coffee is fab. Just make sure to save room for dessert, as the sweets there are to-die-for!

Calle Missio 15 Local 1, 07003 Palma

Café Riutort

No one mentions this adorable café just off La Rambla without mentioning hosts Joanaina and Albert in the same breath. The duo are about as friendly as any two people can get and guests say walking in feels like coming home. The big draw here is the coffee which they roast on site and is available to take home if you want to recreate the experience. Menu is small but varied with sweets, sandwiches, salads and other fresh local options.

Carrer del Carme, 25, 07003 Palma

Lluis Perez Pastisser

Un café très français, this chic but slightly quirky option has a gaggle of devoted followers that regularly pop in for lovely coffee or tea with a sweet of some description. The breads and pastries are made on site and each is more scrummy than the last. Some patrons swear they make a point of never having the same thing twice, and with the amazing selection, that may be entirely possible!

Carrer Bonaire 14, 07012 Palma

Wholesome Choices

The Garden Café

Rustically charming and inviting space offering fresh juices and smoothies as well as healthy food options. Homemade hummus is a must-try. Reasonable prices and welcoming service round out a pretty wonderful experience.

Carrer Josep Tous i Ferrer 2, 07002 Palma

La Molienda

Just off La Rambla, this little gem of a place welcomes guests with heavenly coffee and local, seasonal and organic breakfast fare. The menu is a little limited for some, but the quality more than makes up for it, as does the excellent staff.

Calle Obispo Campins 11, 07012 Palma

Cool Concepts

Claro Mallorca

Santa Catalina is chocka-bloc with hip and trendy café options. Relative new-comer Claro would certainly rank up at the top of those choices. Fans love the Scandinavian minimalist décor, fantastic coffee, yummy breakfasts, lunches and brunches and friendly service. Families are welcome and vegetarian options are available.

Carrer d’Anníbal 16B, 07013 Palma

Cappuccino at the Hotel Mama

This chain of high end coffee houses has several locations and a huge loyal following, but the Hotel Mama location holds a special place. Grab a gorgeous coffee whilst sitting outdoors, people watching across from the iconic town hall or choose the sophisticated, modern interior where waiters buzz busily around the ultra-chic clientele.

Plaça de Cort, 07001 Palma

El Perrito

Kitty corner to Mercat de Santa Catalina, El Perrito is a great place to sip a cafe con leche and watch local Mallorquins, British yacht workers and the Scandinavian entrepreneurs mingle. Along with a roster of traditional coffee drinks they offer great breakfasts, ranging from fruit bowls to bagels with salmon. Their sun-filled space will have you feeling right at home.

Carrer d’Anníbal 20
07013 Palma de Mallorca




Gran Hotel Caixa Forum

If you’re in the mood to feel a bit glam, this is the place. The cafe is on the first floor of the Gran Hotel, one of the first modernist buildings in Palma. Designed by Lluís Domènec in 1907, famed Catalan architect and leader of the Catalan Art Nouveau movement, the building is now home to CaixaForum. After brunch overlooking Plaça de Weyler, why not pop upstairs to see Anglada Camarassa’s work in the gallery?

Plaça de Weyler 3
07001 Palma de Mallorca

Can Joan de S’Aigo

For a classic ensaimada or a taza de chocolate, Can Joan S’Aigo offers the perfect backdrop. Founded in 1700, it’s the oldest cafe in the city, and it’s been around long enough to develop a following. Early mornings it’s not uncommon to see a line snaking from the door. It’s well worth the wait to enjoy some of their artisanal gelato, cocas, and ensaimadas.

Carrer de Can Sanç 10
07001 Palma de Mallorca

Rialto Living

Just off Passeig de Born, Rialto Living’s sun-soaked courtyard cafe is the perfect place for mid-morning brunch or afternoon tea. Their stunning space, a redesigned Mallorquin Finca, also includes a range of well curated home goods. On your way out, don’t miss the Llotja neighborhood, just down the street. It’s home to many of Palma’s local art galleries.  

Carrer de Sant Feliu 3
Palma de Mallorca

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Caffeine confusion

PROCAFFEINATING. (n.) the tendency to not start anything until you have had a cup of coffee.

Perplexed with all the different names and types of coffee? Our guide explains some of the most common coffee drinks.

Cappuccino: Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk.

Espresso/ Café  Solo: A small shot of coffee.

Café au lait: A pampered cup of coffee with warm, steamed milk instead of cold milk.

Café con leche: A shot or two of espresso with equal amount of hot milk.

Latte: Espresso with heaps of milk and some foamed milk on top.

Doppio: The double espresso.

Macchiato: A shot of espresso (or sometimes two) with just a dot of foamed milk.

Ristretto/ Corto: The coffee choice for those who like it strong. A very concentrated espresso shot.

Americano: A shot of espresso with twice the amount of water.

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