Work in the vineyards has always followed nature and its seasons. With the moon and sun dictating the rules and the weather and temperature pacing the work. After a long winter spent “sleeping” and being looked after, the vines finally wake up and, like in any other field where flowers and trees are blossoming, tiny buds can be spotted, new leaves grow and fruits form.

If you drive around Mallorca in spring you can witness this incredible awakening. There are several great wineries to taste Mallorcan wines. And we can assure you no vineyard nor vine look the same. Each and every one of them display their different characters and beauty.

Whilst we enjoy the outdoors, wine makers are mostly busy in the cellars marking the beginning of a new year by releasing the new vintage. Plenty of excitement is in the air as wine fairs are about to start with around 70 bodegas presenting their wines to the public.

Top 7 Mallorcan Wines For Spring

  1. Son Vives, Juxta Mare 2015
    Malvasia, the grape of the Med
  2. 7103 Petit Celler, Prensal Blanc
    Vibrant and modern style of Prensal Blanc
  3. Galmes i Ribot, Som
    Go local. Go organic. Go Giró Ross!
  4. Bodegas Angel, Lau Rosat 2015
    Eyes, nose and palate will thank you!
  5. Oliver Moragues, Galgo 2014
    Finest Callet! Fresh, fruity & floral!
  6. Mesquida Mora, Trispol
    Red Majorcan wine at its best
  7. Raor, Brut Nature
    Bubbles for any occasion

Luckily for the industry is growing in quality not only confirming the status of renowned wineries. But it is gaining a certain popularity as the new generation of wine makers is definitely making an impression with their Mallorcan wines and projects.

We wish you all a great spring and wine tastings!

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