If you’re self-quarantining, working remotely, or just feeling anxious about having to do anything for a while, there are tons of things to keep you mindful whilst stuck at home. 

Some may say that the world we are living in today has taken away our ability to truly appreciate the little things that we may have taken for granted. Time out can help us take notice of what we have unconsciously neglected due to the hectic daily routines in our lives.

Things to do to remain mindful while stuck at home

Delve into our suggestions to make days spent at home that little bit more bearable and filled with inspiration. Not only will they help keep you upbeat and engaged until life gets back to normal again, but they are also a fantastic way to help yourself thrive in difficult times.

We hope you enjoy reading and most importantly, have trust that everything will turn out well.

1. Put pen to paper on your memories

Not only does writing a journal provide us with a way to record our thoughts, feelings and events, it also serves as a valuable historic record. Why not go one step further and start a gratitude journal where you record five things that you are grateful for each day. It is also a wonderful idea to help keep your happiness levels up.

2. Make the most of your loved ones

Contrary to what you think, children can’t spend day after day staring at their phones, tablets or computers behind closed doors. Make the most of them and lure them out of their bedrooms with great books for you to read together or plans to play toys and games. Not often are we lucky enough to be with our loved ones without everyday distractions.

3. Boost your health 

Working out is often a great way to de-stress and keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Fears of contracting viruses have put many people on edge, avoiding places that are considered high risk, such as gyms. The gym is a place where people can easily pick up other people’s germs as are often crowded places where many of the surfaces are touched a great deal.

So, if you’re staying at home, besides the countless health benefits, workouts will also help you to keep mindful after being cooped up for an extended period of time. There is a lot you can do at home that requires absolutely no equipment, where one can focus on basic exercises such as planks, pushups, squats, leg lifts and burpees for an easy routine that will build strength and get your heart rate-up.

For people looking for more guidance during their home exercise, there are plenty of fantastic tutorials available online for all levels of fitness, whether on YouTube or other portals. Kayla Itsines is perfect for those that want to practice essential exercises.

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4. Cook up a storm

If you find yourself stuck indoors for whatever reason, it can be a challenge to remain entertained. So why not use all that extra time to tackle something like cooking. Maybe there’s a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, but it requires more time than you have ever had. Or perhaps there’s a dish you crave when it feels like the world is ending. Either way, staying home is a great excuse to spend all day cooking up a storm the kitchen.

If you’ve got a couple of keen little chefs on your hands and are wondering what to do on at home, the perfect activity might just be to make your very own family recipe book. Making memories all at the same time.

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5. Put that spring in your step

If we are having to spend more time at home, then this is the perfect opportunity to tackle those tasks we simply haven’t had time for. Spring cleaning, reorganising your wardrobe, decluttering or filing may sound boring but the rewards are considerable!


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Mindfulness minimises stress and is the key element in overall happiness.

6. In tune your mind with yoga

Practicing yoga comes with many benefits for both your mental and physical health, keeping your centred at the same time regulating your heart rate and reducing stress levels, making you an overall happier person. Thusadding valuable years and quality to your life.

Not only will it improve your flexibility, strength, and posture, but it will also give you better all-round fitness, increased energy, improved concentration and most of all, mindfulness.

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7. Get productive

Plenty of people dream about working from the comfort of their own home, with more sleep, family or exercise time being particularly appealing. However, working remotely is a double-edge sword and it can be harder to focus on actually working. Staying productive takes a little extra effort to ensure you dont get distracted by a new Netflix series.

Working from home is also great for balancing family and work life, all in the comfort of your own environment. But, don’t forget, it is important to set clearly defined breaks and do try to find yourself a dedicated and comfortable spot to work that you can also leave when you finally decide to disconnect.

8. Take time for you

What better time than when you’re stuck inside is there to pamper yourself a little? Why not make plans for the future, tidy up your makeup kit, revitalise your skin with a face mask or slip into a soothing bath.

To make the occasion that little more special, you could even top it up with your very own moisturising soap blend. Honey, egg whites and almond oil are a great combination with proven benefits for your skin. Honey is a natural humectant, which will attract and retain moisture in your skin. The egg white helps create stronger, longer-lasting bubbles, and almond oil is a lifesaver for those with extra-dry skin.

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Mindfulness helps shift your thoughts away from usual preoccupations, improving well-being, physical and mental health.

9. Be inspired

Take advantage of this time by unplugging the TV, hiding the remote control to really get back to basics. Lose yourself in ‘that book you bought but never read’ or download a bestseller to your tablet. Not only will it help time to simply fly by, but you’ll get to sound oh-so-superior when you’re asked how you whiled away your time at home.

For this reason, Look Mallorca want to do our very best to make days spent at home that little bit more bearable. As of today, our digital magazines will be FREE to download to allow the hours that pass to be filled with inspiration.

Read here our Winter, Summer and Spring editions.

10. Make a difference

In an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has asked citizens across the country to to stay at home.

Not only being urged to practise the highest level of hygiene, social distancing has been recommended, defined as remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining distance from others when possible.

As the pandemic unfolds, we all have the responsibility to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and the community, and to protect our beautiful island of Mallorca.

*Photos courtesy of kaboompics and Cristina Ortega 

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