Are you a meat lover, vegetarian or do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Don’t worry, you are living on the right island. Mallorca offers the perfect combination for a flavourful living. Discover the best flavours of Mallorca.

Mallorcan Cuisine

Mallorcan cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Mediterranean and Catalonian culinary traditions. There are some definite “must have” store cupboard basics though; garlic, olive oil, almonds, olives, fresh bread, Mahonés (cheese), sobrassada (raw, cured sausage made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices) and local wine.

Mallorca is rich in vegetables, so obviously vegetarians and fruit lovers are well catered for. You can find fresh tomatoes, avocados, kiwis and varieties of citrus fruits in any shop as well as in your neighbors backyard. Shops and cafés offering organic, vegetarian and raw food products are popping up. It’s now easy to find alternatives to the traditional ham sandwich. However, if you fancy a slice of jamón ibérico, several restaurants offer dishes with a variety of cold meats. Sobrassada and botifarró can be bought in any local shop.

Food Markets

The best way to discover the flavours of the island is to visit the various food markets. The Mercado del Olivar, located in the centre of Palma, and Mercat de Santa Catalina are great when it comes to high-quality, locally sourced products such as vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. There are numerous local markets all over the island too.

Some people also have a sweet tooth and it doesn’t take long to notice that Mallorcans have a special love for the “dulces” in life. Find bakeries on every corner offering delicious pastries. There is the typical ensaimada, a delicious spiral yeast bun dusted with icing sugar. There are also cremadillos and gató de almendras, almond cake, amongst many other pastries that will make your mouth water.

Best markets in Mallorca Best Markets in Mallorca- There is nothing more inspiring then to visit Mallorca’s thriving markets. The smell of fresh flowers, colourful olives and tasty desserts will bring a smile to anyone’s face, don't you think?

Spoil yourself in Mallorca when it comes to the culinary scene. Pick your treat for the day and enjoy the Mallorcan Diet!

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