Tania Baides has always had a passion for communication and presenting companies. The power woman has worked with brands like Zara Home, Nicolás Joyeros and Louis Vuitton, always looking for the best PR strategies for her clients. Get to know Tania Baides, her personal and entrepreneur life a bit better.

About Tania Baides

Where do you live? I live in Palma de Mallorca but I’m from Beniarbeig, a small town in Alicante.

What are your main interests and hobbies? Enjoying the beauty of this island. Strolling along the sea, preferably through the Tramuntana area, disconnecting at Es Port des Canonge. Or visiting markets and getting isnpired by the creative processes of artisan craftwork, of pottery and embroidery. Whenever I can, I escape to workshops and when I travel, the craftsmanship of each destination is one of my main interests. Now I am (mentally) planning a trip to La Rioja with the sole purpose of visiting a cashmere and blanket workshop.

Becoming a Public Relations Manager

What is your current profession? I work in communication (public relations) for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. For small, medium and large companies. I love accompanying companies, brands and craftsmen with remarkable values.

What have you studied or worked as before? I studied marketing and communication specialised in fashion. My first job was managing the press and PR of Jose Castro, a Spanish fashion designer. I learned to study each case in a very specific way and since then work with a clear orientation towards results.

How and when did your career as an entrepreneur start? After working for Jose Castro I came to Mallorca to take a professional break. 8 years have passed since then. My partner is from here. After three really intense years I started as a freelancer in Mallorca. I still laugh about that moment when I told my friends that I’d move here. “What are you going to do in Mallorca?” they asked. And right now it is them who want to come. I also do not see myself living anywhere else!

A Passion for Public Relations

What do you love most about your job? For me, communication is based on finding those attributes and values that make a brand beautiful and desired. Almost all brands have them! You just have to detect those values, praise them and design a strategy to connect with your client.

What fascinates you about PR and communications? What really fascinates me is the initial contact before a new project. That moment in which you discover the process behind the product and the real brand. Going through the archives, getting lost in the historical ones. I’m crazy about documentation processes. Then the strategy design begins, which I also enjoy immensely. Although I have to admit that what fascinates me the most is seeing the final connection between brand, product and client at the end. When the goals are achieved.

Wishes for the Future

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish? On a professional level, I would like to continue having the freedom and time to be able to choose special projects like the ones I had up to now. Be it with small artisans and companies or large international ones. The success lies in the mix and the real contact with the market is a basic. On a personal level, I would furthermore love to spend more time at home and start a family with my partner. A house on the countryside – Mallorquin, of course! – with my family nearby, a garden and many dogs, that’s my dream.

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