Surfing without waves and getting wet? It’s possible! Try Surfsetfitness to enjoy your board all year. Celebrities like Paula Echevarría, Kira Miró, and even Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer have already discovered this new entertaining activity that will shake up your training routine.

The idea behind Surfsetfitness is to offer all the benefits of surfing without having to step on a beach. Visualise yourself on a paradise island when working out. Do not worry about getting wet, just enjoy yourself. Surfset mimics surfing without the water. It is an effective total body session practised on a surfboard in specific gym classes.

The workout is inspired by dynamic surfing movements and designed to improve strength and balance. It was created by the former hockey player and great surfing enthusiast Mike Hartwick and his partners Sarah Ponn and Bill Ninteau. Surfset officially launched in 2011, bringing a fun and challenging one-of-a-kind workout to the world’s fitness studios.

Sports enthusiast David Domínguez later brought Surfset to Spain after discovering the surf-inspired activity in California. The founding partner of Surfsetspain doesn’t just have a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports but is also a passionate surfer. Therefore, he wanted to introduce his home country to this fun, dynamic exercise.

So how do you surf without water? Surfsetfitness is practised on a board: an unstable surface that simulates waves, requiring signature surf moves, and generating the physical benefits of surfing without being in the water. The Surfset mechanism is based on a mobile support, a mix of tensioning ropes, and so-called bubbles. Placed under the board they create the sensation of instability that would be experienced on the sea.

Surfset helps improve your balance and core strength and burns fat. The instability of the board forces you to concentrate, vary your posture, and makes your core muscles react continually to the dynamically shifting platform. During the workout you strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, shoulders, lower back, arms, and legs.

Activating these muscles has many great benefits:

  • Balance: By balancing body weight you improve your stability, flexibility, posture, and body control.
  • Strength: On the board you gain muscle power and strength, especially core strength, through targeted body-weight and resistance training for a lean surfer physique. A strong core prevents injuries and back pain.
  • Burn: This high-intensity workout burns up to 900 calories and tones the body in one challenging 50-minute session.

All athletes, surfers, and sports fans looking to shake things up can practise Surfset. Surfing experience is not necessary. There are still very few exclusive centres or personal trainers who offer this service in Spain. Surfsetspain, Move by Dorta in Madrid, and Surfset Pilates Mallorca in Palma de Mallorca all offer unique classes and workshops.

You can expect surf-inspired total-body workouts for all levels that combine physical movements with the adventurous experience of imaginary surfing. The practice includes strength, cardio, and flexibility-based movements. Under the supervision of a trained coach, you will perform various exercises of different intensity adapted to participants of different levels. Surfset is more a fitness than a surf training even though you can improve your already existing surfing skills and technique on the board. Surfset can also be combined with other activities such as yoga or Pilates for a great mind-and-body experience. With a bit of patience and regular exercise – two sessions a week are recommended – you will soon notice the initial improvements.

So why don’t you give this exciting fitness experience a try? A new activity like Surfset helps you stay motivated in your workout routine, challenge yourself, and get in shape – so hop on the board.

Surfset Centres

Surfset Spain

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 23, 08006 Barcelona

Phone: 931 74 00 10

Move by Dorta

Address: Calle del Dr. Castelo, 39, 28009 Madrid

Phone: 910 84 84 66

Surfset Pilates Mallorca

Address: Avenida Joan Miró, 17 07014 Palma

Phone: 683 385 276



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