Colour does matter. The colour of sunglass lenses is not just an aesthetic issue. Each one has its own characteristics and serves a different purpose and environment. Let us help you find the perfect sunglasses with our sunglass lens colour guide.

A Sunglass Lens Colour Guide

Sunglasses are an essential accessory here in Mallorca. There are plenty of shops where you can find your perfect ones, for example on the Paseo del Borne or in shopping centres such as Mallorca Fashion Outlet. When buying new glasses you can not only choose between many different models and shapes but also from a wide range of lens colours. Tinted lenses can help protect your eyes, reduce eye fatigue and increase your depth perception.

Different Lens Colours


Sunglasses with brown lenses are suitable for all kinds of everyday activities and most recommended for outdoor sports and sunny conditions. Brown does not alter the perception of colours and reduces visual fatigue, as it improves the contrast and filters the blue radiations. This colour is also recommended for people who have had cataract surgery or refractive and myopic surgery.

Grey and Black

These colours are the most versatile and suitable for all kinds of situations, since they alter the perception of colours least. Grey and black lenses reduce eye fatigue and minimise glare making them ideal for driving. They have the darkest tint providing the highest light reduction.


Green is suitable for water sports and winter, as it reduces the brightness without interfering with the clarity of vision. It also alters the perception of colours in a very minimal way and provides good contrast for low-light conditions. Green lenses are suitable for hyperopic persons.


Sunglasses with yellow lenses offer a great luminosity and contrast, however they are not suitable as a solar lens. You can best use them in low light conditions, such as driving at dawn, dusk or when there is fog. They can also be suitable for some diseases of the retina.


Sunglasses with orange lenses are also not recommended for solar use, only for days with cloudy skies, fog or low light, and even for night driving. This colour increases the contrast more than yellow lenses.


The colour blue may be trendy but is not recommended for driving, as it can change the perception of colours and block blue, red and amber light. Blue lenses are more suitable for foggy and snowy conditions.


Finally, red lenses reduce eye fatigue and improve visual depth. They are perfect for both sunny and cloudy days as well as activities and sports in the snow.

Colours on the Road

Driving is one of the situations in which it is important to know which lens colour is the most appropriate. Our sunglass lens colour guide can help you make the right choice. If you choose the wrong colour, your perception of the outside colours is altered, which could lead to an accident. For this reason, the most recommended colours to drive are the most neutral ones: brown, grey and green.

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