Get inspired by this year’s summer essentials for men. Mango’s summer collection is made up of eight classic pieces you need in your wardrobe, no matter how far you are from the coast.

Summer Essentials for Men

With ‘Seasonal Essentials’ Mango has launched a selection of the fundamental garments of each season. With Mallorca as backdrop, ‘Summer Essentials’ arrives, a collection that takes us into the purest essence of the largest Balearic island. The first edition of four collections that you can discover season after season.

White Denim and the Hawaiian Shirt

The iconic denim piece reinvents itself by moving away from the classic indigo blue. The new version of the most elegant denim is a safe play this season. The shirt with Hawaiian print is anything but boring. Break stereotypes and discover new options by combining it with linen pants and a white T-shirt. Add a distinctive touch.

The Linen Ensemble and Light Jacket

Linen sets are perfect for hot days facing the sea and one of the great summer essentials for men. Comfortable and timeless, linen is a classic that never goes out of style. The summer jacket is in essence the decisive piece for your summer nights. From military-inspired khaki tones to classic tones you can wear a light jacket with any look.

The knit Polo and the Summer Blazer

Polos are the embodiment of a relaxed summer. Transporting us to the French Riviera of the 50s, with or without a suit, this garment will bring the casual style that is sought in summer. In addition, give each of your looks a sophisticated touch with this basic: the blazer. Whether you have formal appointments or night walks around the city, the blazer is one of the pieces that should never be missing in your suitcase.

The suede Espadrilles and the sophisticated Shorts

Espadrilles are the traditional accessory with a cool touch. Take advantage of the versatility of these shoes to combine them with jeans or suit pants. Anything goes. Undoubtedly, the shorts are the protagonists of the season. Their casual air characterizes them, but with the appropriate cut and texture, they become a versatile garment.

Model: Hugo Sauzay
Location: Palma de Mallorca

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