Offering Peruvian fusion food, Sumaq has created an authentic menu touched with Japanese and Chinese influences. With a prime position in Santa Catalina, the restaurant is a popular spot for every foodie that wants to immerse themselves in creative cuisine.

About Sumaq

Sumaq is a popular restaurant situated in the chic area of Santa Catalina in Palma. The eateries chef and owner Irene Gutierrez Humani orginates from Cuzco in Peru and this is where she learned the art of cooking.  Irene’s vibrantly colourful Peruvian fusion food is healthy, fresh, and delicious as well as looking seriously good on the plate!

Sumaq is a Quechuan word that means delicious – being a perfect fit for the restaurant. The eatery serves a menu based on Peruvian fusions touched with Japanese and Chinese influences. When visiting the restaurant it is well recommended to share a selection of dishes so that you can enjoy a wide variety of tasty flavours. Diners can enjoy a great menu at lunch and dinner, all year-round.

Sumaq Cuisine 

Peruvian-fusion cuisine has its origins in the 19th century and is known as the Nikkei. The restaurant offers creative dishes with authentic ingredients brought from Peru, Japan and China.

The menu includes a selection of ceviches and ‘tiraditos’ which are Peruvian-style raw sliced fish that are inspired by sashimi. In addition there are a great selection of meat and fish dishes for the main course as well as some wonderful Spanish wines to complement the dining experience.

Unique Location

The restaurant is located in the trendy gastronomical hub of Santa Catalina in Palma. The area has emerged as a hotspot for the international yachting community, full of eateries and bars mixing locals with foreign residents as well as visitors to the island from around the world. The restaurants position also means that is is surrounded by a wealth of shops and stores, making the perfect spot for a busy day in the city.

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