More people have decided to make the leap to an eco life. And it is certainly not surprising, considering the era that we have been thrust into, where speed and immediacy prevail, regardless of the impact that each and every one of our actions generate. It is logical that in this way of life, a contrasting movement has emerged that pushes steadily and safely towards a philosophy centred upon a slower pace of life.

Antonia Alvaro of Sublime Oils

Our protagonist, Antonia Álvaro, is one of the participants of this beautiful trend, who has their own natural and sustainable beauty business. She is what we could name a craftswoman of natural cosmetics. A woman in love with nature and, above all, aware of the benefits that it can bring.

After many years of research within the world of phytocosmetics, Antonia launched Sublime Oils in 2016, which in less than three years has become the preferred choice for numerous beauty centres throughout Spain, international makeup artists and renowned influencers.

Tell us more about your journey to create your own cosmetic brand and when you decided to dedicate yourself to the world of beauty?

My passion for cosmetics began 15 years ago when I travelled to Morocco for work and had the opportunity to meet and visit many women’s cooperatives for argan oil. I trained in a natural cosmetics school in England and wrote a business plan for an argan oil line – even though it was not known in Spain yet. Time passed and I started looking for other ingredients and oils in Africa, which with all its biodiversity, has unlimited and still unknown possibilities. My goal has always been to work with companies based on ethical commerce which made an impact on their communities of origin. Through this, I found an NGO that had all the characteristics that I was looking for and at the end of 2016 I launched Sublime Oils and my first Africa line.

Sublime oils

Why is your interest in sustainability and ethics in regards to beauty?

More than in application to beauty, I am interested in its application to the business world where my goal is that it also becomes a dissemination platform. There are a number of realities that we cannot escape from: limited natural resources, the catastrophic effects of environmental pollution, social differences between north and south. In the decision-making processes, both in the collective and individual, ethical values, which in my opinion are universal, were more important.

Last year you won the PalmaActiva award for the ‘Best Project by a Women Entrepreneur’. Has anything changed in your business since then?

Having recognition from both the jury and the institutions that they are a part of motivates you to move forward. I also had the opportunity to be part of the PalmaActiva Kiosk and enjoy the economic endowment. Not only winning, but participating in training and workshops is essential, as it gives you the tools to analyse, assess and improve your business idea and methodologies you work with.

What is phytocosmetics is and why it is the pillar of Sublime Oils?

Phytocosmetics is the use of ingredients and active ingredients of plant origin in the formulation of cosmetic products. We have been one of the first brands to define ourselves as phytocosmetics because we are focused on the search for new ingredients with a special chemical structure.

Sublime oils

In addition to using botanical ingredients and being a natural cosmetics firm, Sublime Oils also falls within the parameter of High Cosmetics…

One of the main characteristics that define us as High Cosmetics is the concentration of active ingredients that our formulations contain, their ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and their effectiveness. To achieve this efficiency, we use the most innovative and high-quality substances with fast and deep absorption.

What is the next step in your business?

We are going to launch 5 new products that complete specific needs for the treatment of each skin type and for eye and lip care. Our Raw Concept is precisely a combination in the protocols of our products with pure ingredients such as clay and vegetable oil. Next year we will also attend different International Fairs with the aim of working in other European countries.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

It is necessary to be prepared to change, adapt to the market and even change the business model if it is not working. Entrepreneurship in competitive industries is an opportunity for personal growth, which requires a good dose of resilience and belief in your project. This is a race in sprint mode, where you must prepare well with a lot of passion and a touch of madness because at some point curves will come!

Written by Claudia Albons

Photos by Soravit. L

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