Endless sunshine, a lively capital and an international feeling. Studying in Mallorca sounds like a student’s dream come true. But is it really as exciting and enriching as many imagine it? We talked to some students to get an insight of what it’s like studying at Palma College, an international school on the island.

It’s autumn. Time to get back to school or even start the next chapter at a new one. Numerous families move to Mallorca every year in search of a more relaxed, family-friendly place. They come from Sweden, Germany, England, France or other countries. And many of them are looking for international schools to offer their kids a unique learning experience. There are numerous great schools in Mallorca and many international ones among them. Palma College, an international sixth form college in the heart of Palma, is one of them. It unites students of many different nationalities and backgrounds who do not only prepare for university and careers but also for life.

Advantages of studying at Palma College

Students love going to school in Mallorca. “Palma is an ideal location for a multinational college. I enjoy studying at Palma College in the capital. It is very centric and there is a huge variety of places where you can go. Restaurants, big and small shops, bakeries and more“, says Carolina, a student at Palma College. She also loves the warm and welcoming environment and climate on the island. Meanwhile, her classmate Fabio loves seeing how the city of Palma awakes during his morning walks from the bus stop to school. He also enjoys the international flair on the island. “I love the people living in Mallorca. Apart from the locals which are so open and lively there are also many people from around the world as this is a very international island.“

A School of global Citizens

Carolina, a student at Palma College, was born in Mallorca but her family is from Sweden. Even though she has always lived in Mallorca she has been educated in a Swedish system. Some other students haven’t always lived on the island. “I was born in Munich, Germany, but I grew up on a sailing boat. So sometimes I like to say I come from the sea“, says Fabio. He moved to Mallorca at the age of six with his family.

There are other students from Sweden, Spain, South America and France and other countries. Carolina likes being able to speak the four languages she knows with fellow students. Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, English, German and French are some of the languages spoken at Palma College and on the whole island. At the college the language of teaching is English and all language classes are taught by native speakers.

They are really such great individuals with their very own interesting personal backgrounds and stories.“ – Jill Witkamp, Owner of Palma College

Intercultural Understanding

Carolina furthermore likes sharing thoughts and experiences with people from different cultures. “The fact that so many students of different countries come together in the environment of a college creates a multicultural aura in which you can socialise in an open way with everyone,“ she tells us. One vital thing she has learnt at the international school is that “no matter how different we are in thoughts or where we come from there is one thing that brings us all together, the love for learning“. Studying at Palma College with people from different nationalities can have great advantages, such as intercultural understanding. Carolina is sure that studying at a multinational college will help her in the future as she will be “more open-minded when it comes to meeting new people and sharing my thoughts and culture with them“.

Open-minded Students

Students enjoy studying at Palma College that enables them to see things from different perspectives. For Fabio studying in a multinational environment in Mallorca has helped him figure out what he wants in life and find his own voice. “We all have and make our own maps of reality which we use to navigate through life. My map has undoubtedly become more accurate due to the constructive input of other ‘mapmakers’.“ In many ways studying in Mallorca, especially at an international school like Palma College, helps students understand other and also their own culture better, be more open-minded and find their own way in this beautiful thing called life.

Studying at Palma College International Schools in Mallorca- There are a great selection of international schools in Mallorca, with British, French, Swedish and German education systems. They teach in their native language but also incorporate Spanish and often an additional language.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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