Millerlandy originally from Colombia and Andersson from Denmark. She, the haute couture designer of Myland Couture. He, an accountant. They are now living together with his son and their dog Kaya on this green island in the Mediterranean Sea. Starting a new life in Mallorca.

Get to know Millerlandy and Andersson

Having lived in so many countries and places, with different backgrounds and nationalities, what’s the chance for the two of them being at the same place, at the same time, at the right moment in life? Falling in love.

What countries have you lived in?
Millerlandy: Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Denmark.
Andersson: Greenland, England, Spain, Denmark.

Where did you meet?
Andersson: Millerlandy was living in Copenhagen for fun for one month, and we meet in a wine bar in Copenhagen.

Tell us a bit about your background
Millerlandy: I have a background as a professional dancer, but within this profession you need to retire at quite an early age and I was thinking of what I really wanted to do. The thought of not dancing any longer was quite a tough mental challenge. Working as a designer, however, I have a great use of my knowledge of how the body works and moves.
Andersson: I’m an accountant and I run my own firm.

Starting a new Life in Mallorca

Why did you choose Mallorca?
Millerlandy & Andersson: We were living together in Barcelona for five years at first, but the political situation in Catalonia was quite unstable and we didn’t feel comfortable. We started to think about other places: Milan or Miami in Florida. In the end we chose Mallorca as it was very close. We had some friends there, and it’s a wonderful place to live since we love the beach and the sea. In the end we actually decided in 20 days.

What’s your favourite spot on the island?
Andersson: The beach walk next to our house. It’s beautiful to just sit on a rock between two trees with the Bay of Palma in front of you. It’s wonderful and relaxes your mind.

Any contras?
Millerlandy: I love living here, starting a new life in Mallorca was a great decision. But sometimes I really miss the pulse and energy of bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona. I need to leave the island every now and then just to feel that pulse. But luckily for Myland Couture, I have customers who live all over Europe so I need to go and see them for fittings as each dress is custom made.

Future Dreams

What about changes, do they not scare you?
Millerlandy: When I decided to leave my job as a professional dancer, something that had been my identity for so long, and start my journey as a fashion design student, I questioned my ability to succeed. Like anyone going after a dream I sought confirmation that the path I chose was the right one.

Tell us about your future dreams
Andersson: To create a balanced life between work and family.
Millerlandy: To grow my brand and to grow as a person.

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