Although the looks are undeniably sporty, they are also undeniably glamorous. Casual yet chic and perfect for a range of activities, these looks are be worn in the gym or even in the city. We call this latest trend – sporty glam.

Sporty Glam

Sportswear is gaining more and more ground, leaving the gyms to combine with more urban ones and becoming the chosen one of many when it comes to going out through the city. One of the most notorious trends is that of the sports style. But not the sports style that takes to the gym, but a combination between sport and glam that gradually conquers the cities of the world.

Photography: Pernilla Danielsson
Art Director: Noemí Álvarez
Location: Parque de la Riera, Palma
Models: Clarissa Wellenbrink, Soraya Moussaoui, Gloria Monserrat & Maria Rossich.
Stylist: Maria Antonia Sampol
Clothes: Lorna Jane, Nicolás Joyeros, Quirós & A’Distraction
Special thanks to Imagim Palma.

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