Avoiding crowded yoga classes, Silvia Devi specialises in tailored, personal sessions in which the protagonist is the client. She accompanies her clients to see how they slowly improve step by step. Her yoga sessions are focussed on technique and the therapeutic side of yoga. More than doing a lot of ‘asanas’ Silvia Devi’s goal is to help you connect with yourself and turn your look inside.

Yoga is Balance

Yoga teacher Silvia Devi has been trained by classical masters, here in Europe and in India. Her view on yoga is very puristic. She keeps away from alternative types of yoga or disciplines that entertain or nourish the creativity of the mind. Silvia Devi prefers to stick to the origin. She tries to get her clients to connect with the practice, so that they can transform their perspective, their way of seeing life. In Silvia’s opinion yoga is 24 hours, it’s a philosophy of life more than physical exercise. That’s why at the end of each class, people feel very different than when they leave the gym. It’s not the same. Yoga is balance!

About Yoga Teacher Silvia Devi

“I discovered Yoga in 1997 when stress started to affect my wellness. I had the luck to start with a master who touched my soul. He arrived when I was ready and taught me Hatha, Nidra, Astral. In 2011 I decided to go deeper and started to get trained for my master in Swami Viran, and also started my studies in Viranananda Yoga Ashram.”

“When I finished my two years of teacher training, I travelled to India to get my 200 hours YTT in Ashatanga Vinyasa Yoga with World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh. I finally returned in 2015 to get my specialization in yoga therapy with Dr. Omanand at the Paramanand Yoga Institute. I am now a certified Yoga Nidra instructor and certified health and wellness coach. But I am also an expert in nutrition certified by Montse Bradford, among others, as well as a fitness and health expert. I continue on a path with no return, very enthusiastic and focused on sharing and teaching this way and philosophy of life.”

Tailored Sessions for different Clients

Silvia Devi offers yoga classes and therapy, meditation, lifestyle coaching and more. She welcomes many different kinds of clients. Those who come for a pathology or because they are in a difficult time of their life. Others come to train for a marathon or because they do a lot of physical exercise and want to stretch or realign through yoga. There are also people who simply come to enjoy themselves and like to practice yoga in small group sessions. Book your session now!


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