Situated in the heart of Palma, Siduri Restaurant offers a wonderful menu comprising of traditional recipes and modern cuisine, that is both delicious and healthy.

About Siduri Restaurant

Siduri Restaurant works with local products, basing their menus and breakfasts on a calendar of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Following traditional recipes and modernist cuisine, the restaurant seeks to spark the curiosity of their diners with their gastronomical proposal.

The restaurant’s owners Maria and Sergio pride themselves on their personalised service and warm atmosphere at Siduri. With Sergio in the kitchen and Maria working the room, the restaurant combines their creativity with a passion for local traditions, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. With a tremendous offering of healthy food, the restaurant desires to live consciously – the philosophy that Siduri preaches.

“3,000 years before Christ there was a king named Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, protagonist of the first epic epic of history. In a dramatic search for immortality, he arrived at Siduri’s tavern, which was located on the edge of the civilized world where the mythical world began. Siduri makes him understand that immortality belongs only to the gods and that he as a mortal should learn to enjoy his surroundings, worldly pleasures.”

Siduri Restaurant Cuisine 

At Siduri, the restaurant prepares imaginative reinterpretations of traditional Mediterranean and international cuisine. Here, you will find variations in their menus weekly, with fantastic offering of healthy and vegan dishes. 

The breakfast at Siduri is very diverse, with their homemade bread with avocado, tomato and arugula, as well as their juices being particularly appealing. In their lunch and dinner menu, diners will find an array of raw foods, cereals, local foods and traditional Mediterranean cuisine, which are centred on their philosophy of healthy food.

Unique Location

The restaurants privileged location in the heart of Palma, Mallorca means that it is surrounded by a wealth of city delights such as opportunities for shopping, art and culture. A dinner or lunch at Siduri can certainly be accompanied by a wonderful retail discovery or a visit to one of the city’s finest offering of galleries and museums.

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