A global design maverick with a great passion for all things beautiful. Sheela Levy creates home design havens, owns several wonderful restaurants in Palma and even produces high-quality olive oil at her holiday home in Mallorca. Get inspired by the amazing story of this successful entrepreneur woman who has made a mark for herself against all odds.

A Talent for Visual Merchandising

It was 1982, London was buzzing with ideas and new businesses and The Body Shop had just opened a new store on the Kings Road. Having recently arrived to work in the city, Ivan and Sheela Levy, both in their early 20’s, were eager to make a life for themselves. Sheela, who had always been a product junkie, walked into The Body Shop where a sensory overload of scents, colours and the taste of her future engulfed her. She pitched the idea of working with The Body Shop to her husband. And the next thing you know, they were asking Gordon and Anita Roddick for the Swiss franchise. Switzerland is the country Ivan grew up in.

Whilst growing their business, Sheela discovered her talent for visual merchandising. She soon won many global awards for the look and feel of her stores. And after 27 years of hard work and 42 stores later, the Levys sold the business they grew up with to Coop Switzerland in 2010.

New Beginning on Mallorca

As one door closed, another one opened for them in Mallorca. Sheela serendipitously visited the island in 2010 for her husband’s birthday with some friends. And she quickly fell in love with the energy and vibrancy of the island. Being of Indian decent, she always thought she would buy a holiday home in Asia. But Mallorca attracted her so much that she abandoned the Far East for the countryside of Montuiri. After viewing over 60 homes, they finally found a beautiful finca in the heartland of Mallorca. The stunning home called Son Naava is surrounded by agricultural land and a plethora of olive trees.

“There is magic to the soil, land and atmosphere here, that is indescribable! It nourishes your soul and every time I need to recharge my batteries, I come here”, says Sheela about their holiday home

Love for Interior Design

Sheela loves all things beautiful and has channelled her years of visual merchandising into her new business. Namely interior design and property development. She has furthermore studied Imperial Feng Shui for two years under a Chinese Grand Master and an Indian Master. Now Sheela infuses her knowledge of energy flow into all her projects. She has worked on three interior design projects in India, where her daughter lives, as well as one in New York City.

Sheela Levy’s Projects in Mallorca

The entrepreneurial power couple are also working on some passion projects in Mallorca. They produce the most delicious demeter olive oil which they retail in Switzerland. They also own a couple of restaurants on the island, such as Fera in Palma, where they serve good, wholesome food. Even though Mallorca is supposed to be the place they come to relax, they have also bought several beautiful buildings in Palma’s old town that they are restoring to sell.

Supporting other female Entrepreneurs

Sheela Levy admits that it can be challenging to balance international travel, work and her personal life. But she has found a way to manage over the years. Sheela was on the Women’s Leadership Board at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University for seven years mentoring female students. She always had a great passion for supporting other women entrepreneurs. In addition to all her current projects, Sheela now also helps invest in young businesses with great ideas.

The power woman who studied law, economics and also politics in the past never accepted ‘No’ as an answer. This, among other things, has made her the successful woman she is today. Sheela hopes she can impart all her knowledge onto the next generation of dreamers! In her opinion it’s important, if not essential, to always pick yourself up and work hard after someone has kicked you down. What defines us is how well we rise after falling. An attitude that has helped Sheela create the rewarding life she has now.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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