Mallorcan artist Serafí Sart (Son Servera, 1961) is inspired by nature – whether it’s his beloved Mediterranean Sea, or the land around his rustic early-19th-century home on the outskirts of Son Servera.

Behind the genius of Serafí Sart

Serafí collects discarded items and materials from Mother Nature, to add texture to his paintings: wood, soil, sand, string, dried vegetation, abandoned bird’s nests, and, often, old books (contorted from being soaked in water and then dried). The sea, fish, octopuses, boats, and insects are recurring themes. We spot a small octopus tattooed on the side of one of Serafí’s ankles.

“Take photos of anything,” this convivial character says, ushering us into his step-back-in-time home for thirty years. “But not the dust – I live alone!”

He shows us every room in the rustic mallorquín house – each one containing paintings, and some fascinating objets d’art, representing decades of his work. His house and studio are not the only places he keeps his art: Serafí has a unit in Son Servera, storing his numerous canvases in a more orderly fashion there.

“My passion for painting came from one of my aunts,” he says, showing us an old seascape his father’s sister painted when Serafí was young.

Outside, this prolific artist admits he’s not a gardener: “I feed the chickens and irrigate the orange trees, so they don’t die,” he says, with an indicative sweep of his arm. “I only make art in the garden.”

Serafí rises at six o’clock: “It’s always easy to get up in the morning when you have ideas.” He works in the fresh air until early afternoon, returning later to his creative endeavours – either outdoors or in the huge chaotic studio at the end of the ‘garden’.

His large colourful paintings are well suited to spacious contemporary settings. Hipotels has a Serafí Sart-signed canvas displayed in the public area of one of their Andalusian properties.

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