Yoga brings lots of benefits for both mental and physical health. It can increase your strength and flexibility, improve your posture or balance and help you wind down and re-energise. While practicing yoga you want to look and feel good. Sea Yogi in Palma de Mallorca offers a wide range of sustainable, high-quality yoga brands for your workout.

About Sea Yogi

The Sea Yogi co-founder, Nina, has been a yogi for many years. After moving to Mallorca in 2016, she was impressed by the number of studios and yoga retreats on the island. However, she found it hard to come across high-quality, sustainable yoga accessories. Together with her partner Matija she wanted to bring her favourite brands to the island and at the same time create an ethical business around their passion for yoga. Nina and Matija believe that every company should and must give back to the community. So they founded Sea Yogi, a boutique in Mallorca‘s capital that offers a wide range of yoga brands. They specialise in yoga clothes for women and men but also offer essentials every yogi needs like yoga mats and antislip yoga towels. Their mission is to run a sustainable yoga shop while donating 5% of profit to NGOs.

Where to find the Boutique

In 2017, the Sea Yogi boutique opened its doors in Santa Catalina, Palma, where you can also find excellent yoga schools. The boutique offers a wide range of sustainable yoga brands like Alo, Ohmme, Teeki, Manduka, Onzie and more. Professional yoga practitioners but also beginners will find everything a yogi’s heart desires. From leggings, shorts, tops and bras to accessories such as water bottles, yoga towels and a variety of great mats offering the right amount of cushioning and resistance for knees and wrists. For those who can not visit the shop Sea Yogi also sells online and ships all over Europe.

Sustainability and Consciousness

Nina and Matija believe that as consumers, we have an immense power in terms of how we choose to spend money. By supporting smaller companies who produce their merchandise in a sustainable and eco friendly way, we contribute towards a shift in production processes of bigger companies as well. Production, when done consciously and through ethical practices, feeds people and develops communities.

The majority of leggings, bras and towels sold at Sea Yogi are made from recycled plastic bottles. The eco mats are made from non Amazonian rubber in a careful production process that does not pollute waters and reduces waste going to landfills. Nina and Matija do not work with brands that harm the environment, use toxic materials in their production or exploit factory workers to increase profits. “Having seen firsthand on our travels and beautiful island home how polluted even the remotest areas are, we refuse to contribute to this with our business.” Following the plastic bag ban Sea Yogi only offers recycled paper bags and fabric tote bags in the boutique or encourages clients to use their own bags.

Yoga Clothes for a good Cause

Sea Yogi donates a part of its profit to NGOs such as 100 Books, their friend Cath Witten’s educational project in Indonesia. For Nina and Matija it is a way of giving back to the people. “Being a small business with big principles, we love working with brands who produce their merchandise in a sustainable, eco-conscious way. Our belief is that every business, corporation and individual should contribute back to the community in some way or another. As such, we are pledging our commitment through donation of 5% from our profit”.


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