Mallorca has an excellent education system comprising of both private, international and public schools. Each option has many distinct advantages and which are all important when considering where your child will be educated. Whether you are already living in Mallorca or are in the process of moving to the beautiful Balearic island, we will take you through the great number of options for schools in Mallorca.

Studying at Palma College International Schools in Mallorca- There are a great selection of international schools in Mallorca, with British, French, Swedish and German education systems. They teach in their native language but also incorporate Spanish and often an additional language.


Private Spanish Schools

schools in mallorca

Sa Llavor

Sa Llavor was created in 2007 in Mancor de la Vall as an independent and autonomous school, with the aim of contributing to transform society through Education. The school integrates the different areas of knowledge present in the curriculum through interrelated and practical learning, in connection with nature and art.

Address: Carrer del Metge Borràs, Plaça 3 Binissalem


Colegio San Cayetano

Colegio San Cayetano is as an educational centre that aids individual improvement and growth that covers all the aspects of a student’s personality, including physical development, intellectual maturity, emotional balance and respect for the environment.

Address: Avenida Picasso 21, Palma

Escola Activa de Mallorca

EAM is an accompaniment space for girls and boys from 3 to 12 years old that is defined by following the foundations of humanism. Here there is a respect for each child’s identity where they can confidently express their management and development capacity.

Address: Urbanització Cas Teixidor 148 Pont d’Inca

Colegio Son Veri Nou

The Collegi Cooperativa Son Verí Nou is a non-denominational private centre that seeks the integral formation of its students, teaching all the educational levels including Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate level. The school was founded in 2004 by a group of professionals who believed that they could be educated in a different way, respecting the individuality and growth rate of each child.

Colegio Luis Vives

Colegio Luis Vives allows children to learn in a globalised way in a pleasant environment where they can learn to dialogue, to receive and offer help and to respect the norms of coexistence, Their teachers give the students constant motivation, positive stimulation and individualised attention. Parents will be able to choose in what language the classes will be taught to their children: with the modality of Spanish, Catalan or the New English Curriculum.

Address: Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle 5 Palma

Nursery and Kindergarden

Schools in Mallorca

Escoleta Baobab

Baobab was founded from the shared belief that there is a need to address and respond to the difficulties that may arise during childhood and upbringing, in typical children and those where development can be seen or has already been altered by different causes. As professionals they believe in intervention through specialised therapy and adequate stimulation.

Address: Carrer de Caro, 57, 07013 Palma


Dragonfly British Nursery

Dragonfly British Nursery is committed to preserving the magic of childhood by allowing the children’s natural sense of wonder to nurture them and their interest in the world around them. The school partners with parents to support each child’s unique development. Experienced, sensitive and loving teachers create a safe haven for children to take both small and large steps. Children are assisted in negotiating play with others, taking turns, listening, and honouring their friends needs for individual exploration.

Address: Carrer de Goethe 24 Palma


Little Oaks Nursery

A new and growing English nursery in the quiet village of Pòrtol for children aged up to 3 years old. Their aims are to nurture the children, show them love and respect and at the same time teaching them to love and respect the world and the people that surround them. The nursery features a beautiful garden where  children are taught about the natural world, how things grow and the seasons change.

Address: Carrer Major 142 Pòrtol

Coletinas Palma

The Centre for Early Childhood Education “Coletinas” is a private entity that was born 10 years ago within the Balearic society with the main objective of promoting a comprehensive education from 0 to 3 years,. Here the basic needs are met of children, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Address: Plaça de la Verge del Miracle 4 Palma

Kids Space Palmanova

This British Nursery is the first in the Calvia area, where children are able to stay until 6 years old and are capable of becoming bi-lingual. Their learning methodology is on the educational standards conducted by British competence. Their students will learn English with an effective methodology at their own personal pace.


C.E.I San Agustín

San Agustín is a Nursery School specialised in early year’s education which offers high quality teaching for boys and girls during the first three years of their life. Their spacious classrooms are well ventilated, full of light and easy to access; all of the rooms are exterior and have different adjoining playgrounds which are separated according to age.


Public Schools

The state schools in Mallorca teach in Spanish and Catalan. State education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, being free of charge for all children from age six to sixteen. The funding for schooling is undertaken by the State and covers pre-school and school placements. They also have a requirement for a basic contribution from parents towards the cost of books and materials. Here we give you a brief overview of the many public schools in Mallorca.

CP Sa Quintana

Infant and Primary education centre in Sineu.

CP Gabriel Janer Manila

State school in Marratxí.

CEIP Es Cremat

Infant and Primary education centre in Vilafranca.

CP Gabriel Palmer

Infant and Primary education centre in Estellencs.

CP Verge de Lluc

Infant and Primary education centre in Palma.

CP Gabriel Alzamora

Infant and Primary education centre in Palma.

CP Blanquerna

Infant and Primary education centre in Marratxí.

CEIP Rei Jaume III

Infant and Primary education centre in Llucmajor.

CP Felip Bauçà

Primary and Secondary education in Palma.

CP Rafal Vell

State school Rafal Vell in Palma.

CP Joan Mas i Verd

State school in Montuïri.

CP Son Ferriol

Stat school in Son Ferriol, Palma.

CP Simó Ballester

State primary school in Manacor.

CP Tresorer Cladera

Infant and Primary education centre in Sa Pobla.

CEIP Son Oliva

Infant and Primary education centre in the Son Oliva district in Palma.

CEIP Son Anglada

Infant and Primary education centre in Palma.

CP Puig de sa Morisca

Infant and Primary education centre in Santa Ponça.

CP Nostra Senyora de Vialfàs

State school Nostra Senyora de Vialfàs in Sa Pobla.

CP Rafal Nou

State school in Palma.

CP Els Molins Búger

State school situated in Búger.

CP Camilo José Cela

State School in Palma.

CP Rei Jaume I

State school in Palma.

CP Colònia de Sant Jordi

Infant and Primary school in Colònia de Sant Jordi, Ses Salines.

CP Es Puig

Primary School in Lloseta.

CP Nostra Senyora de Robines

Primary School in Binissalem.

CP Jaume Fornaris i Taltavull

Primary School in Son Servera.

CP Son Juny

Primary School in Sant Joan.

CP Son Serra

Primary School in Sa Vileta, Palma.

CP Sant Bartomeu

Primary School in Alaró.

CP Badies

Primary School in Llucmajor.

CP Júniper Serra

State School in a Petra.

CP Antoni Monjo

State School in Maria de la Salut.

CP Costa i Llobera

State School in Marratxí.

CP Ses Rotes Velles

Primary School in Santa Ponça.

CEIP Son Rullan

State Junior School in Palma

CP Puig de Sa Ginesta

Primary School in Santa Ponça.

CP Migjorn

Primary School in Bendinat.

CP Reina Sofia

Primary education in S’Horta, Felanitx.

CP Cas Saboners

Primary School in Magaluf.


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