If you love to have fun on the water, Schiler Water Bikes could be just the thing for you – the latest trend to take sea-based activities to a whole new level! Offering a new and exciting experience whilst cycling in the backdrop of unbeatable views, the water bikes are set to take the island by storm this summer.

About Schiller Water Bikes

Playing sports has never been more fun than on a Schiller Bike, a water bike that simulates an ultraportable catamaran and which can reach speeds of up to 13 km per hour.

The bikes have been designed as extraordinary machines to propel you across the water, existing as the ultimate sporting experience. Merging model design, technology and engineering, the water bikes are the most advanced of its kind in the world. They have many sustainable features, including not requiring fuel or emitting any emissions, in addition to being totally silent with inflatable floats to ensure the maximum safety of the user.

Currently, the bikes are available to rent from Platja de Palma in Mallorca and the Barceló Portinatx hotel in Ibiza, offering guests and visitors the opportunity to spend a day peddling on the water and enjoying the Mediterranean splendours this summer.

Unique Experience on Water

Thanks to its warm climate, enjoyable water temperature, perfect wind conditions and scenic coastline, Mallorca has become the ideal destination for all kinds of watersports. From an unforgettable dive through underwater caves, a peaceful sailing trip along the coastline or an exciting ride of the waves, there is so much fun to be had on the Mediterranean waters.

The Schiller Bikes are perfect for those who want to enjoy a ride in a unique environment without losing connection to the sea. Thanks to their ingenious design, they will allow you to discover hidden coves that are inaccessible on foot or by car. In recent years, the water bike has been been recognised as one of the most enjoyable activities on the water, allowing you to enjoy a day amongst family and friends.

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Courtesy of Schiller Bikes and Barceló Group

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