Today marks the birth of Save the Med Foundation, an initiative from Ondine Association, a non-profit organisation in Mallorca. Ondine is founded with a mission to protect marine protected areas and reduce contamination by plastic. This mission is carried out through marine research, educational programs and social awareness regarding the use of plastics.

The Ondine Association evolves and becomes Save the Med Foundation

Its transformation comes from a result arises from its social impact and trust, where there has been great participation and collaboration with their actions in the community. For example, their beach clean ups have raised awareness of plastic pollution, getting people of all ages involved. Of being two people they are now a team of twelve, a consequence of the growing awareness and increasingly urgent need to conserve and regenerate the marine ecosystem.

“The problems we face are global. The change that is needed can not be done alone. It is only with the effort, contribution and commitment of those who support us from all the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, that we will have the capacity to generate the impact we want to achieve” Brad Robertson, Co-founder.

While the organisation has undergone an evolution, the team of experts continues being the same and will continue to work daily, under the new name of Save The Med Foundation, in the protection of the environment, focused on its two main work areas:

  1. The increase of the protection and regeneration of the marine environment, realising marine research, contributing to the creation of new marine protected areas and helping to improve the management of existing ones.
  2. The reduction of pollution by plastic, carrying out educational programs, citizen science activities and collaborations with local companies to to sensitise and encourage changes of impact in society.

Save the Med

“Although the spirit of Ondine and our dear shark will always be in our hearts, we really want to face the new challenges that are to come and we invite everyone to join us on this trip and to be part of the Generation Save The Med. A generation made up of people, organisations, students, teachers, families, entrepreneurs, workers, creators, scientists, volunteers, lovers of the sea … defined not by their date of birth but by their passion for the Mediterranean Sea and their willingness to change their lifestyles to help regenerate it”, Mari Gutic, coordinator of the educational projects of the organisation.

More information about the organisation can be found at Press release and images courtesy of Save the Med Foundation.

Next beach clean up: Sunday 5th May, Cala Domingos

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