You could be mistaken that these incredible images were shot somewhere in the middle of an American desert. That is where the beauty and talent lies in Julio Feroz’s photography, transporting his viewers to a deeper place in their imagination. Working alongside the gifted Stylist Estela Xmarti, ‘Sands into the Boots’ takes us on a visionary journey in a unique fashion editorial in Mallorca.

Fashion Editorial in Mallorca

The location chosen for the shoot was Playa del Delta, a stunning setting situated between Can Rocat and Cala Pi in Mallorca. Created from a mood board with inspiration from Instagram, Julio Feroz and Estela Martí desired to devise a classic Western style editorial, with Mary Paxanga as their muse.

Mary Paxanga is infact a rising artist with roots in the ‘Trap’ genre of music, who was transformed by Estela Martí with a striking Western style. Donning cowboy boots and hat, the model perfectly balances against the magnificent jutted rocks.

Working together as a team in all of their fashion editorials, Julio and Estela have a passion to improvise on every shoot, where there is always an element of surprise – a creative flair that produces a extraordinary result. The final touches were made by the makeup artist Marina Torrens, who gave Mary Paxanga a beautiful and natural look.

Julio himself decided to take his passion for photography from a hobby to a central focus in his lifestyle only two years ago after an accident that changed the course of his life. Bravely quitting his job, the talented photographer brought a camera and started to pursue his dreams, and he thankfully hasn’t looked back since.

Influenced by the renowned photographers such as Sebastien Zanella, Alex Marcus, Kate Bellm, Terry Richardson, Martin Parr and Bryan Liston, Julio also finds Instagram to be an infinite platform of inspirational content for both himself and Estela – where one can have the ability to expose their work and share it across the world.

Fashion Editorial in Mallorca



Stylist: @estelaxmarti

Makeup: @by_marinatorrens

Model: @queturbio

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