Founded in response to a call for discreet luxury, Samantha Knight Interior Design delivers interiors defined by a subtle design aesthetic. Samantha Knight and her dedicated team create effortlessly balanced and elegant interiors for private clients from their studios in South Kensington, London and Palma de Mallorca. Producing schemes which do not boast, yet encourage the viewer to appreciate the attention to detail and inherent glamour within master craftsmanship and rare materials is their passion.

About Samantha KnightSamantha Knight The Decorative International

The British founder of Samantha Knight Interior Design has always had a burning desire to contribute to people’s wellbeing. The studied interior designer and creative director worked for 10 years as a luxury design PR for brands such as Lalique. Whilst she was representing Lalique at a PR agency, a friend asked her to design his apartment in London. He loved it and Samantha’s earnings allowed her to leave the world of PR and study for her professional qualification in interior design. From here, she trained at a leading property development firm in London. She has worked on the refurbishment of iconic buildings across the city before starting her own interior design and lifestyle business Samantha Knight Interior Design with a colleague. Samantha has been working for over 6 years as a interior designer now.

The life of a designer is varied, exciting, creative and hard work.

Passion for Interior Design and Lifestyle

The satisfaction of delivering a lifestyle for her clients in their home is what Samantha loves most about her job. The environment is so closely linked to one’s wellbeing. It gives the interior designer great satisfaction to improve the day to day life of her clients with clever design and practical solutions. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are what fascinate Samantha most about interior design.

Samantha Knight Interior Design

Samantha Knight employs a multi-national team, that offers its clients amazing design as well as complementary lifestyle services. The company’s services include visiting clients abroad, sourcing fittings and furnishings for a presentation. AS well as reviewing technical drawings with their Lead Architectural Designer. Samantha Knight does not shy away from working on site as well, wearing a hard hat and catching up with her team of amazing builders. Samantha and her team are constantly learning and discovering new materials and methods of making which go beyond the ordinary. This helps them create something their clients will love and won’t find anywhere else. The company works on private family estates, historical buildings, villas, townhouses and luxury apartments.

 I would like to open Mallorca to British design and create a lifestyle for my clients on the island;
not only by delivering a well curated home, but also being influential in the way they enjoy the island.
Samantha Knight


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Mallorca Studio
Carrer de Reina Maria Cristina, 9
07460 Pollença

+ 44 7747 060531

London Studio
6, Sydney Street
South Kensington
London, SW6 3PP

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