Situated within the Horrach Moya Gallery, Sadrassana Restaurant offers a menu inspired by local cuisine from the Balearic Islands. In addition to exceptionally made dishes, diners can enjoy the gallery which showcases a host of renowned contemporary artists.

About Sadrassana Restaurant

Sadrassana Restaurant is located within the Horrach Moya Gallery, a nineteenth-century Majorcan manor house. It is located in the picturesque Sa Drassana square in Palma’s old quarter, offering diners a chance to taste exquisite cuisine whilst also soaking up The Arts.

The restaurant offers a menu of traditional dishes and new creations inspired by Balearic cuisine. As well as having its own cocktail bar, the restaurant received its first Sol Repsol, a prestigious award given to the best restaurants and chefs in Spain and Portugal. This is in recognition of their culinary excellence, execution, respect for regional cuisine, wine lists and outstanding service.

Sadrassana Restaurant Cuisine 

The cuisine at the restaurant is made up of an exceptional mix of traditional and innovative dishes. The menu is flavoured by Balearic cuisine, with Mallorca’s gastronomical offer delighting its diners. The restaurant is a unique setting to discover the island’s traditions and spirit through a renewed vision in an enchanting setting.

Sadrassana Restaurant also offers various spaces where you can enjoy classic international cocktails and new creations, with the addition of refined liqueurs from the island.

Unique Location

Sadrassana is set within the Horrach Moya Gallery, a nineteenth-century Majorcan manor house located in the picturesque Sa Drassana square. The venue offers lovers of art an opportunity to view work by contemporary artists. Interestingly, the venue has been home to film sequences and television series such as The Night Manager.

Its exhibition rooms combine an art gallery with the building’s existing elements. Early twentieth-century European lamps and designer lights inspired by simple carbon filament bulbs help create an intimate atmosphere.

The building has retained its original decorative features with the gallery respecting the architecture, décor and history of its setting.

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