Have you ever dreamed of dressing like a princess? Or do you simply adore wedding dresses, whoever wears them? Then read on and find the best inspiration on bridal dresses from the Most Iconic Royal Wedding Dresses of History!

Royal Weddings

As it can not be less for a budget, royal weddings over the years have become truly spectacular. It does not matter if the bride has been a princess, a Hollywood star or a commoners: royal weddings are always an event that arouses the interest of everyone.

Surely, the bride’s dress is always the element of a hype, not only on dates close to the wedding but for many years after the event is celebrated.

Bridal Fashion

The visibility on media make these dresses the main engines when creating trends in bridal fashion. This is something that we can see in the wedding dress Kate Middleton married in 2011. This design by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen has been copied and imitated countless times since then, making lace sleeves a trend that has returned in fashion when it comes to wedding dresses.

The funny thing about this is that, to close the circle, Kate Middleton’s own dress is inspired by the one of another princess, Grace Kelly, who in 1956 became what is possibly the most beautiful and unforgettable bride in history.

The wedding dress Kate Middleton, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen has been copied and imitated countless times

What’s your Style?

In any case, the examples are very numerous, as you can see in the infographic and, therefore, you will find ideas to make your appearance on your wedding day that of an authentic princess whatever your style. Maybe you do not have the same resources, but if you have a good eye and sharpen the wit, you can certainly find your fairytale dress.

The day a bride comes in to try dresses is a very important occasion which they share with their loved ones, mother, best friends. That day is a part of the process of getting married. Make sure that you make it memorable.

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Do you like classic dresses and recharged?

Surely Diana of Wales, with her voluminous skirt and flared sleeves, is your best example. Are you looking for something more modern and daring? Look at the beautiful design of Armani with which Charlene de Monaco married, much more fitted and with the shoulders to the air.

Is your style more elegant and simple?

Possibly Maxima of Holland, with its unmistakable French sleeve and round neck, as well as Victoria of Sweden, with the satin white of her dress and the sash adjusted to the waist, can serve as a guide.

We hope you get to find your princess dress and hopefully, this article will help you find the inspiration you were looking for.


Royal Wedding Dresses

Royal Wedding Dresses of History
Illustration by Katoni

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