If you love or want to try authentic and delicious Lebanese cuisine, Rotana Restaurant in Santa Catalina is your perfect choice, taking you on an immersive culinary journey.

About Rotana Restaurant

The art of Lebanese cuisine is based on sharing, which is exactly the philosophy at Rotana. Situated in the trendy neighbourhood of Santa Catalina in Palma, the restaurant serves authentic dishes that are bursting with incredible flavours and textures.

Lebanese cuisine stands out for its delicate blend of ingredients that are signature to the Arabic culture, resulting in dishes full of aromas and colour. The restaurant Rotana brings the essence of this cuisine to the heart of Mallorca, where you can experience an immersive culinary journey that awakens the senses.

Rotana Restaurant Cuisine 

The menu at the restaurant consists of more than 30 delicious starters and exquisite tasting menus, with great vegan options for those that enjoy healthy cuisine. Each day, the chef prepares a different specialty, so that every time you visit you can experience a new culinary creation.

With signature plates such as hummus, falafel and divine mezes, diners can enjoy an incredible offering of Lebanese cuisine. As well as some excellent wines, guests can also savour some typical Lebanese sweets.

Outstanding Setting

The restaurant is located within the vibrant area of Santa Catalina, a fashionable spot for international and local residents. A visit to Rotana can certainly be accompanied by a day of shopping or a dinner before a night out in the town.

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