The name says it all, ‘diferent’ in style and food. Restaurant Diferent, one of the hippest places in Cala d’Or, serves a unique culinary fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Try creative traditional or modern dishes, have a tasty drink and simply enjoy the restaurant’s laid-back ambience. At Diferent, guests are not visiting but come home.

About Restaurant Diferent

Mallorca has so many incredible sights, beautiful nature and much more to offer – especially if you are a foodie. The island offers it all. Wine from Binissalem and Felanitx, exquisite gin, salt from Es Trenc, fresh fish from Cala Figuera, cheese, jamon, handpicked olives and high-quality olive oil.

The island is the perfect place to grow ecological vegetables, almonds and fruit like oranges, lemons and figs. There is an abundance of local and premium products from Mallorca and Spain. Restaurant Diferent was born out of this love for food & drinks.

In 2006 the restaurant opened its doors in Cala d’Or. Restaurant Diferent is located in the middle of the town’s center in an old mill. The building is one of the oldest in town what makes the restaurant proud. At Diferent they like to mix modern with vintage.

Diferent distinguishes itself in many ways. Unique ingredient combinations, new products and elaborate presentation. Restaurant Diferent stands for quality, service, creativity and of course difference. The team only works with the freshest products. All products and also suppliers are therefore chosen with care. That’s why tourists and locals love eating at Diferent.

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Innovative Dishes

Restaurant Diferent offers a unique international menu. Under the motto ”traditional meets modern” they create a fine culinary mix between Eastern and Western dishes. From truffel croquettes to Argentinian spare ribs and Thai fried noodles, they offer a meal for every taste.

The chef and his team merge flavours, seasonal and local ingredients from the island of Mallorca with inspiration from their culture. At Diferent they focus on no-nonsense food, pure and honest. Otherness is a great word to describe their food.

The team mixes healthy ingredients, peculiar textures and flavours together nicely to create innovative dishes. They smoke, shake, stir, mix, grill, melt and merge with love and only for you.

Try something new at Restaurant Diferent

The icing on the cake are sweet, local churros, cakes and other treats. Try their ice tapas, new and unique in Mallorca! Different fruits with various dippings are prepared in nitrogen causing a cold, delicious sensation. A wonderful option on a hot summer day.

Guests can also enjoy a carefully prepared cocktail, wine or gin tonic on the cosy terrace in a relaxed ambience. From old classics to new flavours and infusions, the drinks at Diferent are all exquisite and quite unique.

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