It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle – This is Petra Wigermo‘s motto. The Swedish power woman is the founder and owner of Ziva To Go, three hip cafés in Mallorca where healthy, delicious organic and raw food and drinks are served. Petra lives a holistic lifestyle and encourages others to do the same by organizing detox programs and workshops about raw food. She tells us all about organic products, healthy habits and positive energy.

The Raw Food Movement

Ten years ago, when I worked as a holistic health counsellor in Sweden, I talked to my customers about why they should choose organic and locally grown products as much as possible. At the time, there was a significant price difference between organic and “regular” products. Today, many people are more health conscious and the price difference is not as great. The range and availability is bigger and more and more people choose to shop locally and organically.

A holistic Mindset

At Ziva To Go we have daily contact with many people who need advice to optimise their health. To my great joy, there is now an increased holistic mindset even in Mallorca and a willingness to try natural products. Both to vary their diet and to relieve various aliments, achieve better immune function and have more energy.

Start with small changes of your Diet

My advice is to start the day with a green smoothie or green juice that tastes good and wait 30 minutes before you eat anything else. By introducing a smoothie into your life you will, among other things, notice a difference in reduced cravings. You do not become a raw foodist from one day to another. But why not start introducing some new healthy habits? You will hopefully come to the same conclusion I do that “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!”.

Text by Petra Wigermo
Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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