Although Mallorca boasts over 300 days of sensational sunshine each year, that still leaves 65 days when the sun doesn’t shine and the weather inevitably turns grey. Do not despair however, as heavy clouds present numerous options to enjoy other experiences away from the beaches and the good news is – bad weather passes through Mallorca relatively quickly!

Activities for a rainy day in Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular holiday destination largely owing its gorgeous sunshine and balmy climate, attracting people from far and wide who seek to escape the cold. But the weather can be very changeable, especially during spring and autumn, leaving both residents and tourists stuck for ideas on what to do. For this reason, we have pulled together a handy list of the best activities for a rainy day which will brighten up even the most gloomy of days.

1. Visit the caves

You can still delight in the island’s natural beauty without getting wet by heading deep underground. Mallorca is home to some pretty impressive cave formations where the most famous are the Cuevas del Drach, owing largely to their specacular charm. Discovered by Édouard Martel in the late 19th century, the caves are vast with romantically lit stalagmites and stalactites and Europe’s largest underwater lake. Located in Porto Cristo, they caves are spread 1,200 metres long and 25 metres deep where classical music concerts are also performed from a small boat.

Cuevas del Drach

Other caves in the same area are the Covas del Hams which are 10 million years old, but mankind has only been able to enjoy their beauty since they were discovered in 1905 by Pedro Caldentey Santandreu while he was digging for onyx, a precious stone. Artá’s Caves are also pretty impressive, located on the coast of Canyamel in Cap Vermell and surrounded by mountains that rise above the sea.

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2. Taste Palma’s food markets

The smell of fresh flowers, colourful olives and tasty desserts can bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially on a winter’s day. Mercat de l’Olivar and Mercat de Santa Catalina are traditional food markets where you will can immerse yourself in island life alongside locals buying their weekly groceries. You will also find several corners to indulge in a glass of wine or a tasty plate of tapas.

rainy day in Mallorca

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3. Soak up art galleries

Mallorca is an island rich in art with its capital offering numerous galleries to enjoy on a stormy day. Brimming with energy, curiosity and history, you will discover the island’s life beyond its beaches. In Palma, the Fundació Museu Joan March showcases some of the most famous Spanish artists, including Dalí and Picasso with more than 70 permanent pieces. Es Baluard Museum also has a good range of exhibitions housed within an extraordinary building that boasts views across the bay of Palma.

rainy day in Mallroca

Among the many inner city galleries, the unique Gerhardt Braun Gallery focuses on contemporary, significant work created by well­-established and emerging international artists and is a great place to soak up design, fashion and architecture, as well as interior projects and lighting.

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4. Go to the cinema

Watching a film at the cinema is always a good idea when its raining and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.  There are several cinemas on the island showing the latest releases in English, where most of them are screened at the Ocimax and CineCiutat cinemas in Palma.

rainy day mallorca

5. Play ten-pin bowling

The island is home to several bowling alleys, however Mallorca Bowling in Palma is certainly the biggest and best. It also has a wide range of other activities to enjoy, including karaoke, a playground and recreational room, which has numerous games to keep you busy for several hours.

rainy day mallorca

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6. Embark on some retail therapy

The best way to cure your rainy day blues is to embark on some retail therapy and Palma’s city centre offers more than its fair share of shops! Palma shopping is comfortable and easy, where you can zig-zag in and out of the rain to find the main shopping streets in the old town, just above the cathedral, and the centre of Palma. The tree-lined, luxurious Paseo del Borne, is also one of the most important shopping hubs, offering mainly designer stores and big retailer names like Zara home.

Palma Shopping - Zara Home

Another great option is Mallorca’s indoor shopping and leisure centres, which provide the perfect shelter from the rain. Mallorca Fashion Outlet is the perfect spot, being a huge centre which offers some world famous names like Nike, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Levi’s and Lacoste at discounted prices. Here there are also restaurants, an electric indoor karting circuit and an indoor soft play centre for children.

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7. Have fun with the kids

Palma Aquarium is a wonderful way to forget the bad weather, where children will marvel at the variety of colourful fish and the spectacular shark tank, the deepest in the continent. There is even a play area dedicated to the little ones with a fun-filled pirate ship, as well as a cafe and restaurant that serves delicious temptations such as pizza and ice cream.

Halloween in Mallorca

Katmandú Park in Magaluf is also a great option, voted as the Best Amusement Park in the Balearic Islands by Tripadvisor. A whole world of wonders await you, including interactive experiences, games and a large soft play area designed for kids under 12-years-old.

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8. Relax at a spa

What better way to brighten up a gloomy day than by relaxing at a luxury spa. The PHYSICA Health and Beauty Spa at Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous is our top choice, which offers several holistic therapies with an endless choice of exclusive health and beauty services. It’s the perfect place to enjoy treatments with your partner as they also have private cubicles. Like most spas across Mallorca, they also have saunas, special showers and a relaxation area.

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9. Visit a winery

Wine tastings are another popular thing to do on the island and, lucky for you, there are quite a few wineries open throughout the year. In recent decades, Mallorca wines have gained notable praise for their taste and quality, where there are some amazing surprises waiting for connoisseurs of the grape. Wine tasting and tours have in fact become a major attraction in Mallorca, where visitors can taste a wonderful diversity that rival some of the best in the world.

winery mallorca

If gin is more your thing, then a trip to Mallorca Distillery should definitely be on your hit list, with the venue providing distillery tours, cocktail masterclasses and you can even make your own gin.

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10. Take a yoga class

The quality of yoga in Mallorca is as good as anywhere you’ll find in the world, with the island being the home of many experienced yogis, teachers and top level studios. From Vinyasa to Paddle Yoga, Bikram to Kundalini, Mallorca offers a fantastic range of holistic experiences that are good for both mind, body and soul.

Yoga in Mallorca

In Palma, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the city’s amazing offering of yoga. The capital is a fantastic place for those that want to rejuvenate their soul, mind and spirit, complemented by the capital’s selection of healthy eateries which serve wholesome and fresh food.

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We hope you loved our guide – be sure to bring an umbrella!

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