Born in Mallorca, Rafa Bernat is a talented artist curious about the relationship between drawing and painting. Constantly probing for a language that combines the accomplishments of both forms of expression, his introspective style reveals a passion for various plastic languages – an important sphere of culture and social awareness that conveys feelings and ideas.

For Bernat, drawing has become a statement that is more similar to poetry, where emotions can be intensely portrayed. In another way, painting is more like prose, where the passage from mind to canvas suffers inevitable alterations due to the execution of time.

“Art puts us in touch witha hidden part of ourselves
and resolves our contradictions”

The protagonists of Rafa Bernat’s drawings recount thought-provoking stories that are a powerful statement of a complex inner world. Dominated by the strength of his line and at times a burst of colour, the artist masterfully brings his work to life, awakening the sensibilities of the viewer.

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