Save the Med Foundation continues their inspiring efforts to raise awareness about the environment in Mallorca, capturing the hearts and minds of local residents residents, visitors and ecologists. Through the organisation of a weekend on water, the Foundation highlighted the value of our local ecosystems, with a strong focus on the benefits of a collaborative effort.

Protecting the Future of Sa Dragonera

During an idyllic weekend in October, Save the Med Foundation launched their new campaign named ‘Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera‘. At this exciting event, a group of local residents, visitors and ecologists joined the Foundation on-board an emblematic yacht to explore the reserve’s beautiful waters. Here, the group of lucky participants reviewed the past, present and future of the island and focused on the importance of collaborative efforts.

Inspiring Initiatives

The first objective of the weekend was to thank the participants of ‘FotoColab‘, a photographic collaboration which was carried out over the summer. Those that took part, most of them residents of Andratx, sailed along the island of Sa Dragonera, sharing their photos which showcased their unique vision of the marine reserve. This will certainly be something work viewing, where the piece will be exhibited in the Andratx Town Hall during the month of November.

Photography by 1. Caballito de Mar, Przemyslaw Darul  | 2. Morena, Javier Atero | 3. Trigger Fish, Fernando Darder

It was then time to pay tribute to the pioneers of Sa Dragonera’s protected status, who took part in the first ecological movement in Mallorca, which was over 40 years ago. Discussing the next steps that needed to be actioned to protect the island’s underwater environment, there was a real feeling of pride and belonging to Mallorca.

“It’s great to see that people, very young people, are getting involved in the protection of the marine reserve”.

Xavier Pastor, biologist, former President of the GOB and Executive Director of Greenpeace, Spain

The weekend was a success, confirming the value of collaborative initiatives and how they can be usedas an opportunity to achieve shared objectives. Through this campaign, which is sponsored by the Marilles Foundation, Save the Med Foundation strive to bring the surrounding community of Sa Dragonera closer to the marine life, helping people to discover theisland’s ecological and economic value and to actively participate in its protection. The campaign will be running until next summer and will invite the local community to participate and take ownership of the conservation of the Marine Protected Area of Sa Dragonera.

Sa Dragonera

Located off the south-western coast of Mallorca liesSa Dragonera, separated from the main island by a small channel. Crowned by an emblematic lighthouse, the island that reached 6km in length takes its name from its shape, which is said to resemble a dragon.

Walking through Sa Dragonera, it is very likely you will be able to see some common lagarto or dragons, the only reptile to be known on the island, in addition to fauna and marine and land birds such as cormorants, gulls and eagles.

Made up of three islets which include Illot des Pantaleu, Sa Mitjana and Sa Dragonera, it is a place that is home to 361 different plant species, 18 of which are endemic to the Balearic Islands. Particularly fascinating is the presence of the wall lizard population, an endemic subspecies that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Declared a protected area in 1995, The Natural Park of Dragonera has drawn much attention from environmentalists, who have worked to prevent human activity on the island which were unfortunately destroying its great environmental value.

About Save the Med Foundation

Save the Med Foundation is a non-profit organisation, part of the Monitoring Commission for the Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve. Aiming to regenerate the Balearic water’s rich biodiversity, the Foundation aims to protect Marine Protected Areas and the reduction of plastic pollution. Make a difference with

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