Look Mallorca Summer 2019


Welcome to a Look Mallorca Summer 2019 edition, dedicated to our beloved Balearic island. Now you can receive it anywhere in Europe!

Our cover is inspired by the most picture-perfect places in Mallorca, showing you where to capture the most extraordinary shots. Inspired by Manu San Felix, photographer of National Geographic and activist of the Mediterranean posidonia, in this edi-tion, we have also focused on sustainability and preservation.

We are joined by great personalities of art, such as Pablo Mielgo (Director of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra) and global businesses such as Iberostar, who tell us about their sustainable approach through the implementation of policies that respect the environment.

We also wanted to showcase luxury and innovative products and have paid special attention to businesswomen who challenge the world with their activities.

Find out the best way to relax this summer.

In this edition, we have dedicated our special guide to Ibiza, giving you all the essential information so that you can fit as much as possible into your next visit to the island. We have focused on the island’s fashion, showing you the free and inspiring spirit of Ibiza.

Of course, we have not forgotten about beach clubs, yachts or wellness centres.

Yours faithfully,

Noemí Álvarez
Founder & Creative Director

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