About cookies
Look Mallorca uses cookies and web statistics. It is explained below why the Look Mallorca uses them, and exactly what kinds of cookies Look Mallorca stores on users’ devices. We also give information about the web statistics that we keep.

Why does Look Mallorca store cookies?
We store cookies in order to see how visitors of our site use the site. That information helps us improve the site, for example, by adding information or by raising its user-friendliness. This type of cookie has no impact on your privacy.

Web statistics
Look Mallorca uses web statistics. We analyze this data. As a result, our website can be fine-tuned even more, thereby meeting our visitors’ needs better. The information that is collected will not be used for any other purposes than website improvement. It will not be made available to third parties either.

The data that is collected is the following:
The browser that is used.
The exact time and duration of your visit.
What pages you have visited.
What error messages visitors have received.

Look Mallorca measures website visits using Piwik. Piwik is an open-source web-analytics application. Only Look Mallorca has access to the collected data in Piwik.

The cookies that may be stored when visiting Look Mallorca: