A beautiful harbour in a horseshoe bay with one lighthouse at each end, a nostalgic tramway, orange groves and lots of romantic cafés and shops. Port de Sóller is one of Mallorca’s most visited yet surprisingly relaxed coastal resorts. There are lots of things to discover in and around the harbour that is surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana.

History of Port de Sóller

One of the most memorable moments in Port de Sóller’s history was the day the Moors invaded the town in May 1561. Its inhabitants succesfully fought against the Algerian pirates defending their beloved home. Their victory is now celebrated every year as the festival of the ‘Moros and Cristianos’. Later, Port de Sóller found economic recognition thanks to its trade between French immigrants living in the town and their home land.

The export of oranges, lemons, almonds and olive products to France also led to an influence of French culture in Port de Sóller. After a fatal plague in the early 1860s many farmers were economically ruined and migrated to France or Southamerica. However, the fruit business slowly recovered at the beginning of the 20th century, which lead many Sóllerics to get back to their home.

One Day in Port de Sóller

In the Morning


Head to Varekai Café for some coffee and delightful, fresh pastries. Try their tasty croissants or sandwiches, the best way to start your day!


If you’re looking for adventure book a stand up paddle class or try the more relaxing Yoga SUP at SÓLLER SUP. If you don’t feel like exercising take a stroll through the harbour and stop at the beach. Take a towel and a good book with you and relax for a few hours.

Lunch with a View

Leave the harbour to have lunch at Es Faro, a popular restaurant on top of the mountains that serves exquisite meals. Lean back and enjoy the tranquility while overlooking Port de Sóller and the sea. Try the famous Sóller prawns or fresh fish, so good!

In the Afternoon


Head over to the other side of the bay and visit the Far de Sa Creu. It was the first lighthouse of the Balearic Isands that used electricity in 1918. Take a few minutes to enjoy the spectacular views of the bay, then go for a short hike to the Museu de la Mar to learn about Sóller’s fishing and commerce history.

Coffee and Cake

Follow the road to the top of the mountains and stop at Restaurant Nautilus. Have a tasty almond cake and coffee far away from the touristic harbour while enjoying a stunning view of the sea from the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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Once back at the harbour take the original 1913 tramway to the town of Sóller to spend the afternoon there. Take a stroll through the town centre, visit the beautiful church or go shopping at the local stores.

In the Evening


Return to the harbour to have dinner right next to the sea at Sa Barca. Try the tuna tartar, a treat for the taste buds!


Stop by Es Mirall to end the day with excellent red wine or a classic gin tonic. Chat with the friendly owners or just lean back and enjoy the panoramic view of the harbour.

Luxury Hotels

For those who want to escape the bustling harbour nightlife the five-star Jumeirah Hotel on the cliffs overlooking the sea is the perfect spot to spend the night. If you prefer a place closer to the harbour stay at Hotel Esplendido. It is one of Mallorca’s most stylish hotels. Another fantastic hotel in the surrounding mountains is the original Bikini Island and Mountain Hotel with its bohemian feel and splendid views of the harbour.

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