Around the world and back again. The patterns, colours or products have all emerged from art, nature, chaos and the following solitude, explains Pia Fehrm, the founder of Pipol’s Bazaar. The Scandinavian ethno-chic brand creates beautiful jewelry, accessories and home decor.

How did it begin?

It all started ten years ago. I wanted to create the products, the brand and the look I myself had longed for but couldn’t find.

How would you describe Pipol’s Bazaar?

We are a “lifestyle” brand offering fashion, accessories and interior details. Our collections have a clear ethno-glamorous vibe. In this day and age where people from different cultures want to come together and unite we feel more current than ever.

What inspires you?

Patterns, colours or products have all emerged from odd and strange places outside of the four walls of the office… from art, nature, chaos and the following solitude.

Why did you chose Mallorca for your photo shoot?

Mallorca is such a wonderful place and has all the atmosphere we wanted. Palma being a “small-big” city with so many interesting spots accessible by foot, yet with the country side very close. You could say that the perfect setting for our brand is more like the colourful south of Europe than Scandinavia where we are originally from.

Do you have any advice for new entrepreneurs?

It is contradictory, but first you need to work really, really hard for your idea and stick to it no matter if people try to tell you it’s not good enough. The other part is to be able to change and adapt when you get market response. The hard part is of course to see when to do the former and when to do the latter!

What motivates you?

Love, laughter and a sense of meaningfulness together with my husband, children and family; care and joy for all the people around me including the employees in my company, my suppliers, clients and all those who enjoy what Pipol’s Bazaar stands for.

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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