On Wednesday November 13th, the talented photographer Cristina Ortega held the third edition of her photo tasting exhibition – an event dedicated to art and gastronomy.

Exemplary Photo Tasting

Entitled Quimeres de Son Odre’, which translates to Illusions of Son Odre, over 200 people attended the participatory ‘Fotodegustation’ event, which was hosted at Consell de Mallorca’s Sociocultural Centre in Inca.

Based upon five impossible illusions produced at Finca Son Odre de Biniamar by Cristina Ortega, the audience interacted with each of the photographs, evoking their flavours through delicious offerings of food.

At this edition, the tastings were made by Executive Chef Chaná Barrios from So Cool Catering in Mallorca. This is a company which is renowned for finding the best international and Mediterranean ingredients and who blend premium quality products with exotic flavours and local delicacies to awaken the senses.

Members of the council, artists, photographers and professionals from the gastronomical sector were invited to the exhibition, which was renounced to be a great success. They thanked Cristina for the organisation of the event which was a fantastic experience and commented that they were eager to attend the next edition of Fotodegustation.

photo tasting

Contact Cristina Ortega

Telephone: +34 662 644 728

Website: www.cristinaortega.es

Instagram: @_cristinaortega_ or @fotodegustacion

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