Nestled in beautiful countryside, Petra is a small rural town that lies towards the central-northeast of Mallorca. Encased in history and natural beauty, visitors can find a wide range of interesting things to do, including sight-seeing and sporting activities.

About Petra

The town of Petra is surrounded by lush rural landscape, where the area exudes an authentic and genuine charm. Seeped in history and intrigue, the town is a fantastic place to visit if you desire to immerse yourself in the island’s nature, history and heritage.

A walk through the old streets and its many rural roads will allow you to enjoy beautiful settings, with a fantastic offering of traditional cuisine and typical products from Mallorca.

Petra is best known as being the birthplace of the missionary Fray Junipero Serra. Born in 1713, he became a priest in 1730, helping to establish several missionaries in some of America’s largest cities including San Diego and San Francisco.

Petra is located slightly to the northeast of the island, in Pla de Mallorca. Its territory offers a diverse landscape, both in its topography, geology and vegetation. Here you will find a wealth of historic landscapes, emblematic buildings and greenery, where traditional crops are grown. This includes the production of sandstone, cereals, tomatoes, almond and olive trees.

Its central plain is made up of broad valleys and hills, where almost all of its land is cultivated and where there is a devotion to the production of cereals with several orchards and vineyards. There are also two streams, Dels Rentadors and Sa Valletta, extending from southwest to northeast, towards the beautiful Bay of Alcudia.

The entire municipality is blessed with an extensive network of rural roads, which offer endless possibilities for walking and cycling. Here, visitors can enjoy the great tranquility and beauty of its landscapes.

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What to do in Petra

There are a wide variety of things to do in Petra that includes fantastic sporting activities as well as discovering the area’s rich history and beauty. Petra is well worth visiting if you want to experience an authentic way of life in Mallorca, with its town keeping much of its valued tradition.

The area that surrounds Petra features several beautiful windmills, which reflect the relationship that the area has with cereal crops. In addition, vineyards also populate the land, where visitors can enjoy tours and tastings of the wineries located here.

Events in Petra

There is a wonderful market that takes place in the town every Wednesday morning, where you can buy an assortment of the island’s local produce. For those that want to discover traditional celebrations, there are also smaller fiestas taking place throughout the summer months.

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Once in Petra, you can visit the house where the parents of missionary Fray Junipero Serra lived, which is now a museum dedicated to his life and work. There are also several landmarks which pay homage to the important figure, such as the Memorial Plaza and the Junipero Serra Museum.

The church of Sant Pere is perhaps the area’s most iconic setting, which boasts beautiful and traditional architecture. Outside, you will also find a plaque celebrating Serra as an explorer and missionary hero, signifying his importance to Petra. The wealth of Petra’s agricultural past is shown in the size the church, which was built in the 16th to 17th century. .

Just outside of the town you will discover a small hill where the Ermita de Bonany church can be found. From here, you can savour the solitude and views from its hilltop which overlooks the lush land of Petra.


The hike from Petra to Hermitage of Bonany is one of the most popular walking routes, where participants can enjoy areas of great natural beauty and history. Built in 1604, the church is dedicated to the worship of the Virgin on Bonany and has also become known as the Cathedral of the Mountains.

Commencing in Petra, you can take in  beautiful panoramas of its landscape, stopping at several interesting landmarks such as a parish church which shows some fantastic sculptures and Gothic style architecture.

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