Soul photography, this is what Pernilla Danielsson calls her work. The creative, dedicated and passionate Swedish power woman has been capturing unique moments and feelings for many years. Under the name Lifestyle Mallorca she shares photos of her everyday life, travels, favourite places and more inspiring things on her Instagram. We have chatted with Pernilla about her professional background, her love for photography and her future plans.

About Pernilla Danielsson

Pernilla Danielsson

Where do you live? I am Swedish but I’ve been living in Palma de Mallorca for the past eight years.

What are your main interests and hobbies? My family and photography are the big things. But I also appreciate interior design, travel and good food.

What have you studied or worked as before? For more than 20 years I was working as an art director/creative director. I studied graphic design and started my career as a 17 year old art director assistant. I kind of grew up in the media industry. The last five years I’ve been focusing on photography and branding projects.

How did your career as an entrepreneur start? I used to work for advertising and online agencies for many years. But I had the desire to have more freedom and to have an option to work from different places around the world. So I started to freelance and to do the projects that I really felt passionate about. First as an art director and later as a photographer. I’ve been working as an entrepreneur since 2005.

Soul Photography

What do you love most about your job? The essence of my photography is what I call “soul photography”. I love to catch a feeling and create a time capsule of that instant moment for people to remember. No matter if it is people or places, everything has a story to tell. And I love to be a part of that story telling.

What fascinates you about photography? That it is always changing. You always get new challenges and meet new people. So you never get the feeling that you know it all.

Future Plans

Can you tell us more about your current projects? The biggest “project” is the baby arriving in June. And work-wise I am booked for a mix of portraits, interior design projects and lifestyle photography for hotels.

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish? I see myself here on the island, I love the life here. I have some book ideas that I would like to turn into to real projects as well. For me it is all about having a balance in life and doing things that I am passionate about. Then magic things happen.

Cover photo by Minna Tannerfalk, courtesy of Jisco Eyewear

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