Paul Robinson is a British developer, project manager and builder settled in Mallorca for over 20 years. He is fluent in English and Spanish and highly experienced in dealing with Mallorcan town halls and builder’s trades in: construction, building, renovations, extension, refurbishments, installations, decoration, carpentry, air conditioning, pool construction or renovation. His company covers all areas in Mallorca for any building and/or installation services.

Refurbishments, renovations & building services in Mallorca.
Exceptionally high standard & excellently finished results.

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson always makes sure his building and construction company achieves a finish of a high standard that gives clients satisfaction and continues to give the company the excellent reputation they have. They are extremely competent, reliable and trustworthy. Their work is always of an exceptionally high standard and excellently finished result. Feel free to ask for a clear and detailed quote for your project, the company will be strict with time schedules.


Project Management

Do you have a company that you wish to use for a project but you will not be around to supervise it?
Paul Robinson offers a complete building project management service which can be tailored to your needs, from emailing you anything from a simple progress report to a detailed one including photos of ongoing work. The company also organises payments, translates your ideas to your contractor and so on.


Have you just bought a property on a budget and need advice on what needs to be addressed immediately and what can wait for a while whilst you reorganize funding?
Paul Robinson can assist you in planning time frames, working up quotes and placing priorities so as to get your property habitable and up to legal standards as soon as possible.

Or are you planning to completely building your home?
The company can provide you with detailed quotes and realistic time frames for completion.


Kitchen Planning and Fitting

Dreaming with a new kitchen?
For the luxury kitchen of your dreams Paul Robinson can give you various design options, a wide range of models and 3D renderings that give you an excellent impression of the finished product. The company prepares and oversees a wide variety of installations and is yet to have a complaint regarding the standard of its kitchens. Paul Robinson works with many brands and thus can always find one to suit your budget.

Bathroom Renewal

Does your bathroom need a more contemporary feel or has renting your property left your bathroom looking tired and worn out?
The company can design a bathroom replacement project with the top names in bathroom fixtures and can find a style that will suit your tastes and budget. You can choose locally from literally hundreds of tile styles and prices and these can be on site in 3 to 5 weeks of the order date ready to improve the look and value of your property. Along with a detailed quote Paul Robinson also provides you with a rendering of what your bathroom will look like, handy if your project involves a change in distribution.


Phone: +34 663 279 293
Instagram: @pauldavidrobinson

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