Over the past few years Palma’s famous Paseo del Borne has become one of the most important streets for shopping and leisure activities in Mallorca. The avenue is not only one of the most representative and popular parts of Palma but also home to numerous high-class shops, cafés and restaurants.

Location of the Paseo del Borne

The avenue stretches from the Plaza de Juan Carlos I to the Plaza de la Reina. Both of which have a beautiful fountain. In the middle of the Paseo del Borne there is a pedestrian part. The long square flanked by leafy trees. They provide pleasant shadow is equipped with benches that invite visitors to sit and relax. And also to watch the beautiful buildings or vivid street life around them. The square is framed by four sphinxes. There are two at the beginning and two at the end, they give the space a mystic touch. At the end of the Paseo del Borne pedestrians can watch the fountain of the Plaza de Reina. Furthermore, they get a stunning view of Palma’s most emblematic monument in the background of the Jardines del Rey.The impressive cathedral La Seu.


The Paseo del Borne, also known as the Golden Mile, is every shopaholic’s dream come true. Thanks to luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera and Escada. Next to them, shoppers will also find popular stores like Zara and H&M. However, there are not just worldwide known brands represented on the Borne but also local retailers like the lifestyle store Rialto Living. There is a shop for everyone’s taste in this busy commercial area.

Leisure Activities

The square in the middle of the avenue serves many tourists and locals, young and old, as a meeting point. Several celebrations are held here such as the switching on of the Christmas lights in winter that beautifully illuminate the city of Palma.

For visitors who wish to rest a bit and would like to have lunch, dinner or just a good coffee, there are several excellent cafés and restaurants such as Ombu, Born 8, Bar Bosch and Cappuccino Café. Here, Palma’s visitors can lean back and feel the warm hospitality of Mallorca.

Popular sightseeing spots such as Palma’s cathedral and large harbour, as well as the charming old town can be reached within a few minutes from the Paseo del Borne. Visitors will never get bored here.

We must not forget to mention the great cultural offers visitors will find near the Paseo del Borne. Numerous art galleries and exhibition halls such as the Gerhardt Braun Gallery or Casal Solleric attract many guests that spend a few hours admiring paintings, statues and other artworks.


The Paseo del Borne is not only attractive during the day but also invites to stay over night with its numerous nearby luxury hotels including the Boutique Hotel Can Alomar, Purohotel Palma or Brondo Architect Hotel.

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