Excellence in education in Palma de Mallorca. Palma College offers exclusive sixth form education on the stunning island of Mallorca for more than five years now. Their aim is to not only help students achieve their academic goals, but to guide them to university or chosen career path and give them the tools for life.

About Palma College

Palma College is an exclusive private sixth form college. It offers preparation for university or work through internationally recognised qualifications for entrance to universities world wide. The focus is very much on the individual and what best serves their pathways to a successful future. The college offers small classes, a wide range of Edexcel A level subjects and a full enrichment programme of both cultural and life skills. The language of teaching is English. Furthermore, the highly qualified international staff has extensive experience with the age group represented at Palma College, sixteen to eighteen year-old students.

Guiding young Students

What makes Palma College different is that it is more than just another school. The ethos of the college is to bridge the gap between school, university and adult life. The staff is guiding young people carefully through the academic or vocational pathways that will lead them to a secure future. The focus is on the students applying transferable skills wherever they go. Furthermore, the adoption of taking more individual responsibility for their own successes is encouraged by firm yet friendly advice from the staff and tutors.

Seeing students develop and grow into well round adults is the most rewarding part of running the college. It has been amazing seeing how far they come in such a short time. Whether it is their skills in art, acting, academically or in life. Plus their understanding of what they want and where they fit in” explains, Jillian Witkamp Roberts, the owner of Palma College.

Seeing students develop and grow into well round adults is the most rewarding part of running the college.

Jillian Witkamp Roberts – Owner of Palma College

Studying in Palma

Palma College is located near the beautiful cathedral in Palma. Studying on the island of Mallorca is a wonderful opportunity. The international surroundings, variety of sporting opportunities and the healthy lifestyle are entrenched in all who live and work here.

How to apply

Entrance requirements consist of a personal interview with the head and also passes at IGCSE in English and Maths (or equivalent). However, Palma College prides itself in being inclusive with regards to young people. They always work with parents to find a way forward. This process of assistance and partnership continues throughout the two years of study through mentoring and in depth career advice. Applications for universities can be made at the college. The staff Palma College can also arrange for SAT Tests, BMAT and BCAT testing. Or early applicant entries for medicine, vet medicine or oxbridge.

If you would like to discuss the most important two years of education for your child please get in touch.


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